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Google Keyword Tool: A Million Dollars Worth of Information for FREE
The most amazing marketing tool ever invented, the Google Keyword Tool, is available free. It has always been free and it is for that very reason that many people think that this Google ppc tool is not valuable. However, it is one of the most prized items in my internet marketing tool chest. Being able to get inside the mind of the biggest online force in the world today is worth millions of dollars if you know how to take advantage of the Google ppc tool.

Getting Started
Google makes its available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have an account with Google. However, if you do have a free Adwords account you have a lot more options than if you do not. My suggestion is that you take the time to get an account because of the greater functionality it will provide and besides the account is free.

In order to access the information you need go to any search engine you desire and type in the words “google keyword tool.” Almost instantly you will get over 100 million results but the only that matters is the first one. It reads “Keyword Tool – Google Adwords.” Click on this result and you will be taken to the page you need.

Doing Your First Search
With any new tool there will always be a learning curve, but if you follow these directions, you will very quickly master this easy to learn program. Knowing the keywords that you need in order to optimize your content for is the first step and the easiest way to obtain the best keywords is to borrow them from the company that holds the number one site in the organic search results of Google. Type in the name of your biggest competitor in the box marked website. If you are not signed in to your account you will also have to enter a captcha phrase so that Google knows you are real person and not a computer.

Almost immediately, the results of your search will be made available. If you do not have an account you are limited to only the top 100 keywords but with an account you are able to have as many as 800 keywords and key phrases made available for you to use. These words and phrases can then be downloaded into a spreadsheet for further examination. The average cost that an advertiser pays for each phrase can also be listed in this information. This allows you to see what your bids may have to be or what you can expect to be paid when using this keyword in an Adsense campaign.

Now that you know where to find it and how to search with it, put this invaluable tool to use the next time you are looking for keywords that make (dollars) and sense. The tool is so effective because it gives you insight from the world’s largest Internet search engine. The Google keyword tool is effective because of the knowledge and experience behind it.

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