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Google has built a huge empire based on advertising services and the king of their advertising services remains their AdWords campaigns. In the last few years a number of companies have built pay per click tools in an effort to help advertisers take better advantage of the AdWords opportunities. Realizing that tracking conversions was the key to success with AdWords, Google has taken this step to the next logical conclusion and now offer their own version of pay per click tools called the Conversion Optimizer. It is designed to increase your ad conversions and reduce the cost of your ad campaigns. Their studies show that you can increase your conversions by 21% and reduce your cost per lead by 14% on average.

In order to be eligible to use this pay per click conversion tool from Google you have to have an active AdWords account and have had at least 15 conversions from your ads in the last 30 days. If you meet these guidelines then the Conversion Optimizer is free for your use and they will provide you will a .pdf guide to use as well as an extensive knowledge base and email support to assist you with making use of this tool. Google provides you with very clear tools on how to make the best use of this tool on the site by discussing how to get started all the way through testimonials and best practices for the use of the conversion optimizer.

Using the tool is simple to start as you log into your AdWords account and navigate to the Conversion Optimizer by clicking campaign management at the top of the page and then going to conversion tracking. You then click on Create your first actions and follow the directions for obtaining the tracking code and inserting in the proper places. Once you start the tracker do not remove the code until you have stopped the campaign as it may adversely affect your ads.

Google offers plenty of success stories on their site. In fact one even shows a company reducing their cost by 75% and increasing their conversion rates by 433%. While this is probably an extreme example it shows the possibilities that proper tracking can provide. While it is a little confusing to set the code up for the first time, once you have gone through the process once it is very simple to duplicate.

The good thing about this pay per click tool is that it is already integrated with your AdWords campaigns and you do not have to worry about additional code or snippets to add to your sites. This makes them easy to place and worry free. The tool is robust and provides you with the ability to use search targeting, content targeting as well as visitor or user attributes to optimize your campaigns. It also will adjust your bids on your campaigns so that your money is not wasted by overbidding. It also follows your past performance to give you a clear prediction of where your campaigns are going. The pay per click Conversion Optimizer may be the best PPC tool on the market because of its pedigree.

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