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Google Trends Provides Starting Point For Beginners

When first wading into the world of internet marketing many tools are far too advanced; Google Trends is not one of these products. One of the newer information gathering tools that Google has made available to the public, Google Trends allows for a general look at how often a specific term is being searched for and gives a general picture of what is going on; this is a great first step that gives a graphical representation of what would be a good and bad keyword.

Now this isn’t one of the more robust pay per click programs, but the trending functionality is a great tool to add to the kit, especially when starting up a new pay per click campaign management focused website. The simple trending is a free service from Google, but like most of their products. The trending website will accept multiple keywords and show how they relate to one another. The functionality seems to be aimed more at big picture type stuff, as actual numbers are not available only the line graph.

The line graph has two major pieces; the first part is the search volume and it shows how often the keyword is being searched for in relation to itself and other typed in keywords, but the key factor is there is not a scale on the y-axis. Which prevents the user from knowing it if was ten thousand searches or just ten. What it does show is how popular the keyword has been. Doing a holiday related search will often show spikes around the holiday season for one easy example. The second piece of the puzzle is a similar line graph, but it involves news stories. The correlation between the two allows a user to determine if news stories are having an impact on keyword searches. Doing a simple search for a sport will show that increases in searches relate directly to important events like the Superbowl or World Series.

While Google Trends is not a part of click fraud tools or a program to analyze a single website, it does a great job of showing seasonal keyword traffic and how much more effective a keyword can be locally compared to internationally. The website will not do anything as in-depth as a piece of pay per click management software would do, but it can show that a website in the United Kingdom should be targeting a keyword like trousers, whereas the same use in the United States would give poor results.

Finding an auditing click fraud program, heat map creation widgets, or other types of analytic software are a must the website is built and running, but Google Trends is a great means to find out if the website should be built in the first place. Checking for seasonal keywords will show if the boat has already sailed for this year on things like Halloween or Christmas. There will never be an all-in-one tool that provides every piece of relevant data, but Google Trends is most definitely something to add to the toolbox for successful internet marketing.

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