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Google Website Optimizer Gets Better Results

Google Website Optimizer (GWO) has many things going for it in the search engine optimization (SEO) world; the biggest thing is that it comes from Google. GWO is a tool that allows for variation testing for websites to increase customer satisfaction and increase the effectiveness of a website. Being a Google product, the GWO has an inside look at the search engine giant, which allows for it to have specific knowledge of the Google search engine algorithms. The product has a sort of beta feel to it as first, but after a few uses it becomes easy to use.

While pay per click programs can cost hundreds of dollars, Google Website Optimizer is completely free; the company does reserve the right to add fees at a later date, but for now it remains free. There is a limit of ten million pageviews before fees will be charged. While many would find it strange that such a powerful tool is being offered for free, those that understand economics would understand this move. By making search results lead to move effective websites, Google will gain more customer buy in and more clicks on advertisements.

The tool provides two major types of testing: A/B testing and multivariate tests. A/B testing is simply providing two versions of a website and randomly directing users to one version or the other; this is used by many pieces of software to do real time testing and the business owner can then select which of the two has produced better results at the end of the test. GWO can perform these types of tests and the Business Product Manager for GWO has stated that the testing will not alter the search engine results; this has led many to believe that GWO notifies the Google search engine bots to ignore the testing version of pages, which is something another pay per click management software could not do.

Multivariate testing effectively creates hundreds or even thousands of versions of a website, which is done by providing multiple versions of things like headlines, paragraphs, and calls to action. The testing takes much longer to provide data than the simple A/B testing, but the data is far more impressive and useful to any pay per click campaign management. The multivariate testing does take a lot longer to setup, due to the need for providing multiple versions of so many variables, but in the end the results with be more conclusive than anything a series of A/B tests could provide.

The optimizer is a great tool when it comes to finding the best way to market a website that is already up and running. It is not a piece of click fraud tools and it cannot provide trends or new keywords, but the optimizer does an amazing job for what it was built to do; not to mention its price cannot be beat. The money saved on page optimization can be better spent auditing click fraud. Google Website Optimizer comes from the search engine giant, works with the search engine bots to preserve page rankings, and is free to use, what more could a person want?

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