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HitsLink Provides Enterprise Level Features

The size of a business can have a major impact on how effectively a piece of software runs, but HitsLink has service plans to fit any size company. The analytical tools needed to successfully deal with pay per click campaign management can be daunting due to the number of them available. HitsLink has developed a solid product and they allow a 30 day trial to see just how powerful and popular the system has become. The ability to export to many file types, the visitor information tracked, and the customer support make log analysis simple, easy, and informative.

Hitslink, like any good pay per click programs, boosts a standard range of logging features. The IP addresses, unique visitors, and even mobile visitors are just a few of the types of information available. The information is even available from a mobile phone if it is flash enabled. Tracking with pay per click management software can be difficult, because of interoperability; if the system doesn’t provide the data in a means that can be incorporated with other software, then a business owner is left doing a fair amount of manual labor. The fact that HitsLink data is available in so many export formats makes integration easy with other products, particularly click fraud tools.

The only downside is that HitsLink requires cookies and JavaScript to be enabled on the visitor’s browser for this indepth tracking to take place. While this has some disadvantages, the advantages gained from this route are amazing. Being able to know if the visitor subscribed to an RSS feed, is already a subscriber, or bookmarked the webpage can be valuable information. There is a standard and a platinum version of HitsLink, the primary advantage to the platinum version is conversion tracking, that allows a business owner to more easily calculate their ROI. Another advantage is that the payment plans are flexible, so if there is a need for additional pageviews or websites they can be added on for a small fee.

If the JavaScript and cookies are disable, then HitsLink logs that as well, this can make for an interesting demographic. If a high percentage of visitors do not have JavaScript enabled, then considerations for a webpage that does not use scripting languages may be in order. Auditing click fraud is a major concern, but with the depth of reporting that is provided it is easier to notice the trends that may be wasting valuable advertising dollars. Pay per click management software can be expensive, but if it saves advertising dollars the money becomes well worth it.

The need for analytical software is simply a must in this day. Not knowing whether or not a new website is keeping customer interest is a good way to go broke quickly. A piece of software that can analyze trends and provide reports that show what is and what is not working will go a long way to building a successful business. HitsLink may seem expensive, but the truth is that for a product that can provide enterprise level support, the cost is more than covered in the savings and additional profits.

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