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Manage, Edit And Create With Jumbo Keyword Tool

The Jumbo Keyword Tool is a free program that resides in cyberspace and can be put to use by any marketer in need of an easy to use, web based keyword management tool that can be integrated into any pay per click campaign management scheme. The Jumbo keyword tool has more than 70 functions that are all just one click functions and these help you to manage and edit thousands of Google AdWords simply. This free pay per click management software has the ability to manage all your keywords and has an ad creation tool that will allow you edit your ads and make sure they are compliant with the policies of Google. Jumbo keyword tool does require that you have the latest version of JavaScript installed and activated within your web browser.

The web app does not offer any click fraud tools or the ability to help with auditing click fraud within the program. However, this free tool does not have to be downloaded or stored on your computer and no keywords or information is stored about you on the Jumbo Keyword Tool servers. It is very simple to use as all of the instructions for the software are included on mouse over dialog boxes. This tool has become so simple to use that the company does not ever require you to sign up for an account to use this tool and they are very appreciative when bugs are reported to them. The only drawback is that on the tool itself there are 6 ads for other tools that can be purchased.

Jumbo Keyword Tool has the ability to come up with the list type of your choice by just clicking one button. You can broad, phrase, exact matches, or any combination of the preceding. You can do a negative development of the same combination and then sort them by the match type or by keyword group. The software will actually take similar words and put them into groups in order to save you time. Your words can be done in automatic lowercase and can duplication can be automatically removed as well as having your words sorted automatically.

There are two versions of the application, basic and advanced. The basic app provides just that a basic setup of your keywords. The advanced function allows you to perform a myriad of tasks with your AdWords that will help you to format them and optimize them for the best possible performance. The Ad Maker function allows you to develop ads in a format that is Google AdWords friendly and it offers you the option of putting them into all of the available formats that are offered by Google. This allows you to see your words as they will appear and then copy all the needed information over into a text document or spreadsheet for future uploading to your Google Adwords account. The Jumbo Keyword Tool allows you to do your keyword manipulation in a very easy method and then upload your keywords and ads very quickly. This allows you to monitor the metrics of all your pay per click programs and count your money.

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