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KeyCompete offers several variations of keyword research and returns a large number of results.

KeyCompete is a keyword research and analysis tool used to identify the words and phrases that your online competitors are using to build their business through pay per click campaigns. Their sales copy provides a large number of claims that while intriguing produce doubts in the minds of many web savvy marketers. An open search of several forums produced several keyword lists that were supposed to have been produced by the software which led to a one day trial subscription.

At this point, prudence dictates that this is not a free trial but has a cost of $19.95 for a one day trial subscription. As far as PPC tools are concerned this is a high price for a single day of use. But if KeyCompete can produce the results they claim it may be a keeper. Signing up for the service is simple, with the input of an email address and a password you are immediately taken to a payment page. Payments are made through PayPal and the underlying company is Tiger Technologies with a DBA name of BetClub.

The PPC tool is an online tool that does not require downloading onto your machine, but is does deposit several cookies that make it easier for future searches to be completed. The tool returns a list of keywords and phrases that can exceed 3000 at times. The list is in a format that coverts to Excel compatible spreadsheets when downloading. It only requires two clicks to download your file which can be a real time saver when doing massive numbers of searches.

To use the program all you have to do is enter a keyword, key phrase or the domain of one of your competitors. In a relatively short period of time the software comes back with huge numbers of keywords and phrases. Manual review of the lists may be impossible because of the sheer number of results that are returned.

The cost of the program is the biggest drawback to its use. There are similar programs that may offer the same results at a lower cost. However, the output is easy to read and can be imported directly into a spreadsheet or text file for immediate upload and use into pay per click campaign management software. The size of the list of keywords is another drawback that may keep smaller marketers away, since it will require additional software to process, mix and prepare the lists for use in an AdWords, Bing or Yahoo campaign.

KeyCompete offers several variations of the basic search, with a long tail feature that provides not just the keywords but allows you to grab every item that your competitors may be using. It combines the key phrases to help you develop your list and provides a watch list so that you can see what words are being removed by your competition as well. KeyCompete tracks words on the Google Network, and the newly combined Microsoft AdCenter, which includes Yahoo and Bing.

KeyCompete appears to be a strong PPC tool that offers the ability to capture a massive amount of words for your campaigns. If you can afford the price tag then this may be the tool that can help you excel in your next PPC campaign.

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