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Keyword Lizard is a keyword research tool that you use in combination with Google AdWords Keyword Tool in an effort to find every possible combination of keywords and keyword phrases available for your niche market. PPC tools such as Overture and AdWords Keyword Tool provide the basic research that you need to produce a keyword list. However, tools such as Keyword Lizard provide additional depth and focus for your particular market. Keyword Lizard was designed to produce focused lists of keywords and key phrases and all possible combinations of these words.

Simple PPC tools make keyword research easier and more effective. In order to use Keyword Lizard, you only need to take a single list of keywords that has been developed from your favorite keyword research program or on your own and then cut and paste them into the keyword lizard program. There are three options that allow you to combine up to three separate lists for one market. You may then choose to create additional keyword combinations using different suffixes as well as removing spaces and adding hyphens. You may also combine keywords with quotation marks and square brackets. The real power of Keyword Lizard allows you to search for the maximum bid of your words and to choose your destination URL within this tool.

Keyword Lizard offers a free version which was just described and there is also a subscription version called keyword lizard professional. The cost for a subscription is $199 per month or $1999 per year. It offers unlimited phone support provided by keyword lizard as well as additional options when choosing how to combine your words. The professional version also allows for AdWords power posting and allows you to export your list as a text file or in CSV format. You’re able to use PHP and ColdFusion code for tracking as well as the dynamic insertion of keywords and campaign data into query strings. This allows you to track more closely your campaign and its success rate.

Keyword Lizard falls into a long line of PPC tools that allow you to combine different lists, list structure and add-ins to produce more focused keywords for your advertising campaigns. As a free service there seems to be nothing extremely special about the service and as a paid service you would need to be doing AdWords campaigns on a daily basis or in huge numbers for this to be worthwhile as a standalone purchase. The only drawback found with keyword lizard has to do with the high price of its monthly service.

As PPC tools go, Keyword Lizard produced a large number of combinations very quickly. While the list was nothing special it is a free tool, required a very short learning curve and was useful within 1 minute of arriving at the site. This makes this tool very easy to use and it is friendly for the less technically minded. If you do not currently have or use a keyword combining tool the free version of Keyword Lizard would make an excellent addition to your keyword research.

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