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Change It Up And Let Keyword Mixer Make You More Money

Keyword Mixer will jump start your pay per click programs by giving you some new keywords that have very high search results and almost no competition from other marketers. Using this type of tool in your pay per click campaign management should be illegal because of the edge it gives you over your competition. There are so few ways to differentiate your ads from those in the same niche, that you must take every advantage that Keyword Mixer can give you. In an effort to bring your ads and pages out of the “norm,” Keyword Mixer takes your old, over used keyword lists and combines them in ways that you can never imagine in order to bring new life to your advertising campaigns.

This piece of pay per click management software is free tool that is in the class of some very expensive software. Keyword Mixer is not a research tool or full of click fraud tools with which to begin auditing click fraud. This software will take your prime keyword lists and put them together in new combinations that you have usually not thought of in the past. It does not do infinite combinations but stops once you have gone beyond the most profitable searches instead of providing you with an overabundance of useless material.

Keyword Mixer is very simple to use. Take up to three keyword or phrase lists and copy them into the available spaces in the program, unleash the powerful options and then let the program run. It takes less than a minute to combine three lists of 1000 words and can use the options of your choice in order to make them immediately useful to your campaign. You can put your results into quotes, brackets or reverse word order. You can skip spaces, remove the spaces, automatically remove duplicated terms, put them into alphabetical order and even add a phrase to the end of each word. All of these different options can make this new list the most productive list you have ever developed. You may even add a wildcard to the end of each keyword or phrase that Keyword Mixer develops.

Most marketers using this tool spend a lot of time trying to determine the exact way that their visitors search in order to perfect the options in Keyword Mixer so that it develops the best possible new combinations. Once your new lists are ready, they can be cut, separated and pasted into your ad campaigns. These keywords can then be tested in by pasting them into a campaign and using a very small bid, such as .10, and once stats start to come in all of the most competitive keywords and phrases will be sorted to the bottom of the list as they will receive no clicks because of the competition. You can then optimize these competitive keywords or take the ones that are getting traffic and optimize them for a list of high performing keywords that costs very little to provide exceptional results. Keyword Mixer can be a piece of magic for your pay per click programs.

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