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Intelligent Paid Search By KeywordMax

KeywordMax puts together a powerfully intuitive group for advertisers, agencies and search publishers to run more profitable pay per click campaigns. Starting with a single interface that can be easily customized for a particular business or white labeled for an entire client roster, KeywordMax easily works with all the major search engines to increase profitability, optimize searches, market, and track every item within pay per click campaign management program. Powerful keyword development and a consolidated dashboard reduces the time consuming work involved with producing ad programs for different search engines where the typical keyword count may exceed 5000 words per campaign. This pay per click management software offers a responsive analytics suite of tools that allows managers to focus on the important task of interpretation instead of data collection.

KeywordMax brings advanced click fraud tools to the party in order to combat automated click bots and competitors who try to steal your ad budget. Auditing click fraud is so much easier when you bring suspicious IP reports, geo targeted activity reports, click spiking and competitor tracking into one convenient place. The anti-fraud detection systems bring proprietary tools that allow you to work side by side with the search engines in order to protect your budget. The reports are broken down by search engine to help with fraud claims and recovering lost fees. KeywordMax monitors all of the possible activities around your keywords that can cost you thousands of dollars.

KeywordMax offers a number of different packages that can be custom designed for your particular needs. Even the most basic package can monitor an unlimited number of keyword phrases over one domain and up to 75,000 clicks for just $99 per month. It helps you to plan your budget by reporting the average number of expected clicks on your keywords from search engine giants, Google and Overture. This helps you to plan your budget and then to work your plan. KeywordMax can be designed to track both online and offline campaigns and provides source information, total clicks, dollars spent, actions taken, return on investment, sales and conversion percentages. Reports are available in every mode and broken down by search engine and campaign. Preferred Partner status with major search engines means that accounts are up and running quickly with a minimum amount of stress.

It is simple to become a customer and demos of each product within the suite are offered in exchange for your email address. The demos are broken down by individual features of the product so that you get an understanding of each benefit very quickly. They offer a library of articles and references concerning pay per click programs. KeywordMax has a Bid director that puts your keywords at the top of the engines without completely destroying your budget. The aggressive nature of this product will help you to attack your competition and stay at least two steps ahead in the bidding war. The software forces your competitors to pay their top bid for each keyword without costing you an additional cent. KeywordMax will move your pay per click programs into the black very quickly.

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