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Producing ad copy for your AdWords campaigns can be time consuming and often lead to pulling your hair out as you attempt to get all the variables correct before taking your ads live. Certified Knowledge has produced a system that will allow you to easily create hundreds or even thousands of ads quickly, allow you to test those ads, allow for variations in the ads for split testing and have them online faster than ever before. Mass Ad Creator uses a variable replacement system so you can create a variety of ads from the same template and all of them will have different tag and advertising lines.

Mass Ad Copy Creator is a PPC tool designed to make the life of an AdWords marketer simpler. While it does this in the long run, unless you are running a massive number of ads and changing them frequently this may be too much firepower. There is a significant learning curve associated with the interface but once learned subsequent submissions become much simpler. The video tutorials supplied with test program and with the full program provide a great overview and walk you through the process of developing and deploying your first ad group using the Mass Ad Copy Creator. There is also a vibrant forum that allows you to ask questions and receive answers from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field. (They work for Google, by the way, or at least that is the impression you are left with from the messages.)

Along with Mass Ad Copy Creator there are a number of other tools to help you along the way. These tools include a PPC tools that help you to improve the quality score of your ads, see the profit making ads in your groups, target the keywords you have chosen and more. You also get a report analyzer, Quality Score analyzer, broken link finder, confidence ratings calculator, geographic keyword locators, keyword mixer and a server header checker. These tools all come into play if you do this type of work for a living.

Mass Ad Copy Creator is a PPC Tool of tools. It goes beyond what the normal AdWords marketer does and helps to run large ad campaigns. There are 4 levels of membership but only three of them allow you to use the tools. The first is a free lifetime membership which lets you ask questions in the forums, watch a few videos and receive some weekly tips. This level of membership is a pretty good bargain just for access to the forums. Other memberships start at $79 per month and go up to a high of $1999 per month which is considered a premium coaching membership.

While useful it is a little pricey for the small entrepreneur, but for a mid-level agency or consultant who does a lot of AdWords creation this is a great tool that would more than pay for itself in nothing but time saved creating ads. That makes all the other options freebies to be exploited for your needs.

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