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MyKeywordFinder: The Right Keywords The Right Search Engines, No Frustration

At one time or another every marketer has become frustrated with their keyword research tools, mykeywordfinder removes that frustration and brings you the best keywords with which to gain top rankings on all the major search engines. The authors of this pay per click management software state that you will gain the most targeted keyword phrases, lightning fast results, and completely customized research that will meet your specific goals. Pay per click campaign management is tough enough without the frustrating work of keyword and key phrase research; myKeywordFinder will remove that frustration and instantly give you the results you need to make money fast. They offer a free trial to get you started and make sure that you understand all the intricate workings of the software tool.

myKeywordFinder can bring relevant search terms that are targeted to your customers based on the optional search parameters that allow you to customize your keyword research. One giant advantage provided by the software is their Top 10 Clicks that gives you instant feedback on how the keywords you select will perform within the top searches on all the major search engines. Keyword research becomes a pinpoint science when this type of information is available. Having exact results before you begin any of your pay per click programs can drastically increase your return on investment. myKeywordFinder is a simple registration form to get started and the quickest way to build your keyword library with profit promoting words.

There are no click fraud tools to help with auditing click fraud but the precise targeting of your customers needs will help to reduce the incidence of click fraud. In head-to-head competition myKeywordFinder is able to: develop immediately relevant search engine analysis, average expected results from major search engines and proprietary Top 10 Clicks comparisons. The software was designed by some of the top SEO professionals that have more than 10 years of profitable results. They provide customized reports, printable formats and free beta versions for SEO professionals. The software provided a comparison of four major keyword tools and published the results on their website.

Based on results from Overture, myKeywordFinder gave a better match of the exact keyword phrase without reversing the main words. Instead of monthly changing results like Overture uses, the software is based on historical rankings with millions of searches in order to provide different results than those normally found. When competing with the Google Keyword Tool, the visual representation of search queries allowed for faster analysis of large number s of words. It also provided a stronger trend when comparing all the words at once so top words can be placed at the beginning of a campaign. Against Wordtracker, myKeywordFinder was slower in returning results but did not limit the results of queries. Keyword Discovery is limited by its paid subscription and had to understand results. These comparisons quickly show how myKeywordFinder can provide you with faster, more profitable key phrases for your pay per click programs. Relevancy, reduced frustration and higher rankings make this software tool one that should be added to your arsenal.

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