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Number 1, Real-Time Intelligence With OneStat

OneStat provides real-time intelligence for web marketers. They provide all the web analytics any site owner could possibly want or need in order operate their pay per click programs. Not only are you able to see the stats for visitor traffic, online sales and return on investment (ROI), you are also able to share the insights gained across your entire organization. OneStat is a one stop solution for site owners and their webmasters for tracking user behaviors, search engines, online sales and advertising campaigns. They also offer a service that allows them to monitor your website uptime and make sure you do not lose customers due your site being down.

When you need a statistical package for your pay per click campaign management, this software was designed for your company. They provide the backbone for many of the free web analytics programs that you currently use and their complete package holds the best tracking solutions available. The pay per click management software is set apart from the res to the competition by its unique pricing structure. Most companies have you pay a set fee and then they cap what your traffic is going to be, while OneStat offers you the ability to pay for statistical analysis based on the number of actual page views. Click fraud tools are offered starting with their e-business package that cost less than $50 per month. Auditing click fraud is a chore with the proper software to make sure that the work you are paying for is actually providing you traffic and conversions.

When it comes to monitoring your pay per click programs the e-Business solution and the AdWorks solutions are the ones you want to work for you. They track detailed marketing information at the browser level and measure visitors by actual traffic and not by an algorithm. OneStat also provides conversion/sales stats broken down by search engine to help you pinpoint your most profitable avenues of advertising. These metrics can also be separated by keyword, who referred, country, landing page and marketing job.

The AdWorks version of OneStat does all of the same metrics and tracks your ROI based on your shopping cart statistics. This allows for pinpoint tracking of sales, from the initial click all the way up to the sale. Using the AdWorks version will cost less than $45 per month and can greatly enhance your ability to know where sales are being originated. The options available within the different programs are truly astounding. The company offers video demos of all their products and 24/7 support so they can work with partners all around the globe.

Along with the pricing mentioned already, a website owner can take a 4 week unrestricted look at the software and what it can do without charge. The online demos and knowledge base will help to set up the web analytics and agencies can actually have the service done as a white label product to provide their customers. Improve your customer experience, increase your sales, track your marketing investment and let the rest of your organization help to monitor your business with OneStat.

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