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PPC Bidmax Tool: The Ultimate Online Bid Management Software

PPC BidMax manages pay per click programs by bringing together Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter together under one simple piece of pay per click management software. This essential tool takes away the tedious task of pay per click campaign management. The advanced bidding algorithm saves money and generates complete reports that help you to meet your return on investment goals. Campaign management, Account management, ad group management, keyword management, automated bidding, reporting and ROI tracking are just a few of the tasks that can be handled by this software. There are no click fraud tools for use while auditing click fraud across your entire program. PPC BidMax increases your clicks, improves your ROI, ups your ad position, helps to decrease cost per click, saves money, saves time and will improve the overall performance of your ad campaign.

Direct advertisers are able to use PPC BidMax to control their ad programs without the need to outsource to an agency or consultant. The software keeps you from having to spend time pouring over reports and scouring accounts as it will manage these tasks for you automatically. Angencies and consultants can use PPC BidMax to manage all of a single client’s accounts with one interface. Customized performance reports are a just a few keystrokes away for almost every item needed to monitor accounts. Reports can be scheduled and emailed to clients in advance saving time when it comes to managing the expectations of your clients. PPC BidMax will ensure that reports are never late and deadlines are never missed.

PPC BidMax was formerly known as Dynamic Bid Maximizer and has been operating as a world leader in Internet Marketing and Promotions since 1998. With more than 10,000 clients worldwide, they have proven thely can produce results in all economic climates. PPC BidMax operates a cross platform system that allows automated bidding, position management and can do this over a number of search engines at the same time. Ad programs can be developed on one search engine platform and can then be copied and migrated to other search engines quickly and easily. Bidding can be set up for day-parting in order to maintain the highest return on investment regardless of the number of keywords involved. Updating a campaign budget, keywords, bids and even pausing or deleting can be accomplished with approximately 3 clicks of a mouse.

PPC BidMax maximizes your campaigns by reducing your cost per click by making sure you have the proper bid amount in place at all times. It starts and stops your programs based on day-part analysis. This software can manage a few keywords or an unlimited amount with the same ease. They offer a free trial of the software that allows you to test drive the software and understand its full potential before buying. You can manage up to 5000 keywords for just $150 month or you can manage an unlimited number of keywords for just $999 per month. Let PPCBidMax bring their dedicated team of professionals, their years of knowledge and cutting edge technology to your next pay per click campaign.

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