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PPC Campaign Wizard Gets Your PPC Campaign Off To A Booming Start

If you are using Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter then you should also be using the PPC Campaign Wizard, which is a free tool that will help you to launch your PPC campaigns quickly and easily. Putting together ads for inclusion in pay per click programs can be time-consuming and require you to have ad accounts open and ready to go for long periods of time. The longer that you have Ad Accounts open, the more likely you are to make mistakes as you become tired. Using the PPC campaign Wizard can drastically reduce the amount of time spent designing ads. Used in conjunction with pay per click management software, this tool allows you to put together as many as four ads, save them and compare them to the standards required by Google and MSN.

Pay per click campaign management requires the ability to put together ads quickly and to save them for comparison and testing at a later date. This free tool will allow you to do that by filling in a few options, choosing the proper settings, adding a few words and then saving them for your campaign. Once you begin to work on your ads, PPC campaign Wizard assumes that you have chosen your keywords correctly and have at least an idea of how your ads will read. By choosing the correct setting, the Wizard will correctly balance your text and keywords against the rules set up by Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter. This reduces the time that must be spent ensuring that your ad meets these standards. The PPC campaign Wizard does not offer click fraud tools that you can use when auditing click fraud that may be happening on your ads.

Once you have defined your keyword phrases you must choose the different types of ad groups and the dollar amount your budget allows for bidding. You may set up to three separate bids for each ad that matches the three types of ads, such as broad, exact and phrase. You may now move on to developing the ad text by entering a headline and the ad lines. The last thing that you must enter is the URL that will display and then the destination URL where visitors will be directed once they click the ad. PPC campaign Wizard now gives you the option to display the draft, and if you are happy with how it looks and the text, you may then save the current ad and up to three additional ads.

This tool will not replace the need to input your ads individually within your Google or MSN account; however, it will provide you with the proper structure so that your ads may be input quickly when the time arrives. This way you have the ability to experiment and compare the look between different ads that will be running at the same time. Using PPC campaign Wizard makes sense because it lets you see what your visitors will see before you actually take the ad live and risk going against the terms of service in order to see how your ads will appear. Perhaps the largest plus for taking advantage of PPC campaign Wizard is that the software is free.

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