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Finding and defeating your competitors in the pay per click arena.

Being able to know what your competition is doing when it comes to AdWords marketing has always given you the upper hand when choosing niches and keywords to target in the pay per click markets. Competitors it seems come from everywhere and mercilessly steal the traffic from your campaigns leaving you alone on the back pages of search engines hoping to get some secondary traffic while your clicks go through the roof with no conversions of which to speak. However, with the introduction of PPC Web Spy that problem becomes a thing of the past as you now have the tools to blast from the back and protect your campaigns and make them profitable again.

PPC Web Spy will allow you to quickly find any competitors keywords in just a few seconds. You can then take their research and their keywords and turn the tables on them. Pay per Click will become a simple matter of cut and paste. PPC Web Spy allows you to see the actual ads that your competitors are producing as well as the current cost per click of each keyword so that your bidding becomes more targeted. It will also provide you with the AdWords rank so that you can know how much you need to spend on a certain word to ensure you are getting the right results.

This pay per click tool produces a number of reports and studies that you can use in your AdWords campaigns. It offers you a way to build a huge targeted keyword list based on individual keywords in your competitor’s ads as well as from their domain name. You will be able to see what types of products these advertisers are promoting. One of the best options is the ability to check out the landing pages of your competitors from within the tool.

PPC  Web Spy is a free tool that is the front product for a platinum version that offers additional functionality to this pay per click tool. The paid version allows you to move your campaigns to a viral level and make them that much more productive for you. By taking advantage of the desire to have a free tool you will be able to move your AdWords Ads to the top position for any keyword, regardless of bid, for any free users that you refer to the free version of PPC Web Spy.  This is a great opportunity to have your offers at the top of every person on your list without them knowing about it or even feeling like they have been misled.

While it is free PPC Web Spy offers a paid version that gives you more functionality and additional chances to make more money from the work you are already doing. This can pay off if you have a big following or list that you can tap into to use this powerful tool. Pay per click is becoming increasingly competitive and it is becoming harder for new people to break into the game without spending huge amounts of money. Here, finally, is a tool that may allow the diligent marketer to make some serious inroads into the pay per click game.

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