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PPC Word Wrapper Gives You A Competitive Advantage

PPC Keyword Wrapper is a free tool offered through the website SEOBook. It helps your pay per click campaign management by finding the best, most relavent keywords in order to optimize your sites conversions and performance. Pay per click programs depend on fresh, highly targeted keywords and phrases and PPC Keyword Wrapper can give them to you. The interface allows you to focus your time on higher priority tasks instead of trying to put your phrases in the proper order. It also helps you to find agreement with the rules that Google AdWords puts on its advertisers. Pay per click management software takes a lot of time away from PPC advertisers and trying to put phrases in order takes even more time. This one free tool takes that onerous chore and automates it.

PPC Keyword Wrapper puts your key phrases into one of four different setups. It allows you to put them in; broad, phrase and exact, phrase and exact, phrase only and exact only formats. You can also have your phrases put into either one of the forms or all of them. By selecting the correct keywords and putting them into the tool, one click will perform all of these tasks. You can then continue to wrap your words in any manner you choose. They can even be done as a negative wrap in order to produce a more targeted list for your use. Keywords can even be wrapped as lower or upper case. Once complete your lists can be downloaded and saved for future use.

There are no click fraud tools provided for auditing click fraud with this tool. There are other options on the market for wrapping your keywords and phrases but few of them provide an interface that is as sleek and easy to use as PPC Keyword Wrapper. It carries no price tag, which makes it even more attractive when pennies count. This is one time that being free is actually a good thing when it comes to something on the web.

PPC Keyword Wrapper draws together combinations of the words you have chosen into groups and phrases faster and easier than you can when doing it by hand. It offers the ability to provide strong phrases in a number of different categories and in a number of different ways. The combination of Broad, Phrase and Exact combinations give a large view of your subject using long tailed keywords. Phrase and Exact matching targets your subject in a much closer view while the Phrase only and exact only combinations dig deep into the very heart of what your target audience is searching for and when they are searching for it.

When putting the PPC Keyword Wrapper to use it is important to remember that finding combinations of keywords that will fit your market and then using them in the right way. This tool will help you do that faster and with less overlap than any other PPC tool on the market. Taking a few minutes to test drive this may keep you coming back to SEOBook for their other offerings as well.

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