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Increasing Sales, Saving Money And Time With PPCBidTracker

PPCBidTracker is one of the unique pay per click programs offered by SearchMarketingtools. It allows for quick and efficient bid management across your entire list of keywords. This piece of pay per click management software was developed with the desire to make the management of your programs easier. The interface has been approved by Overture as 3rd party software because it makes managing a large number bids effectively and without increasing the stress of the pay per click campaign management. PPCBidTracker offers four special options for use; BidSleep, AutoEnhancer, BidCat and BidSaver. These special tools are what sets this tool apart from the rest of the market.

PPCBidTracker takes a multi-faceted approach that includes SEO, automated bids and ROI tracking through ProfitTracker. ProfitTracker watches the money so you can concentrate on finding the right avenues for your program. BidSleep lets you drop your bids for certain times of the day when you find they are not as effective. This lets you conserve dollars when your target market is not actively surfing. AutoEnhancer keeps you from paying your maximum bid for every keyword thus running through your budget in record time. It also helps to mask your bidding strategy from your competitors. BidCat categorizes your keywords and can manage that group by any means you desire. BidSaver lets you define conditions where your bid rules can be overridden and find you ranking in the search engines that will save you money and still provide you with the ability to profit.

PPCBidTracker does not provide click fraud tools for auditing click fraud, however the ability to manage the words you use can almost make up for this shortcoming. The ability to automate your keyword bidding allows you to focus on other aspects of your campaigns. It integrates well with other systems. The software can assess each situation and put that together with the ROI analysis to help form strategies for successful campaigns. It takes the historical data from reliable sources and helps to identify additional traffic sources. PPCBidTracker works with all major search engines in the US and International search engines that are based on the Overture architecture.

PPCBidTracker has garnered a very faithful following in a short time by providing a strong tool that helps to manage campaigns, track and change keyword positions, monitor cost per click actions and still provides the ability to turn an ad on and off at will. Users also enjoy the opportunity to work directly with analysts who can help them to customize their offerings and this assistance provides a huge time savings when it comes to the learning curve. The accuracy of the bidding tool allows users to spend less time monitoring their bids and more time finding productive niches from which to profit.

PPCBidTracker pricing depends on the number of keywords and the number of times those keywords are bid each day. Software checks the bids every 10 minutes and this keeps your bids at the proper rate to optimize your budget and effectiveness. This tool definitely deserves a look through the eyes of the 14 day free trial.

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