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Quintura Makes Finding It A Visual Experience

Quintura started as a downloadable tool and has evolved into a stand alone search engine that provides a visual cloud of related items that allows users to find information faster and with more relevancy than any other search engine available. Using Quintura as a tool inside your pay per click campaign management can lead you to the introduction of additional keywords that may escape your initial attempts to find strong keywords. Most pay per click management software is limited in a very linear way when it comes to keyword research, but Quintura returns its results in a cloud of related items that allows you to see visual relationships that may elude you at first. While this is not your first choice for a pay per click program developer, as your search goes deeper and you try to focus on your visitors Quintura becomes more relevant.

Drawing from the Yahoo database, the search engine displays its results and then provides a cloud tag based on the extracted words from all of the results. These tags can be searched by clicking on them and giving the searcher an even deeper dig into the information they are looking for at any one time. Cloud items can be saved and manipulated so that searches can be customized right on the search engine. There are not any click fraud tools built into this tool and so it is not useful in auditing click fraud.

Developing a use for cloud based, keyword research may seem a stretch to many, but a wise marketer will find this tool useful on their continual search for relevant keywords. The visual aspect of the words in a cloud makes it appealing to many people since it breaks up hours of tedious online reading and research. Taking the results of your keyword queries will help you to isolate what is happening with your competitors and they naturally show up in the cloud tags. In this way you can refine your search words on the efforts of competing websites.

Quintura offers child friendly results for those who wish to exclude some of the more adult sites that may appear. This makes it a very good choice for use with schools and churches. The company is offering beta testing for those who wish to add the search engine to their sites. Child friendly sites are usually transported from one location to another on a higher loyalty than other types of search engines. The visual aspect relates very well to the way that younger people put thing together, thus making a good way to reach younger audiences if that is your market.

As far as search engines go, Quintura offers keyword research in a manner that is different and therefore opens up patterns that the eye sees. These patterns may be missed by a tired mind but the eye will see an opening that could give you additional avenues of profit. This search engine is not a starting point for your pay per click programs, but it is a point where you can expand a campaign that you have started or need to kick start.

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