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SEMphonic Campaign Tracker: Analytics To Transform Business

SEMphonic CampaignTracker has been helping marketers do pay per click campaign management since 1997. Their pay per click management software automates the task of tracking multiple pay per click programs that you may have operating at the same time. It brings together reports from multiple sources and can track competing sites and agencies to ensure your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Campaign Tracker brings the normal set of tools you would expect of any tracking software. It is able to track your efforts by the search engine used, by an advertising groups you set up, the position of your ad, click throughs to any landing pages you have developed and following the number of searches for your specific keywords. A key aspect of this tool is its ability to identify your major competition and follow their efforts through organic searches, keywords and ad placement for search terms. However, Campaign Tracker does not offer any click fraud tools or help when auditing click fraud. All reports are provided in an easy to read Excel format and offers a number of different options to make analysis easier.

The developers of the SEMphonic Campaign Tracker software are quick to point out that this software is not for the extremely small marketer. The intended user of their product spends more than $500 per month on their campaigns and uses higher end SEO strategies. Campaign Tracker carries a $499 price tag for a single license and allows the purchase of specific keyword sets for $599 per set or added to the initial software license for $399 per list. SEMphonic makes it known that they are not a tool for wide use but are a laser beam for certain industries and types of marketer. They currently offer keyword sets covering these categories: mortgage, travel/airline, rental car, health/medical care, real estate, and the car industry. Other categories are available but these are special requests and are priced as such.

This tool was expressly developed to work within the confines of Google and Yahoo and was not updated to cover other search engines until late 2006. Ask, MSN and AOL functionality made it much more applicable to advertisers as they branched into extensive pay per click opportunities. The software handles the tracking of banner ads and other affiliate networks with ease and while expensive can provide a different, more inside look at what the competition is doing. If you budget allows for it Campaign Tracker may provide you an edge that others are not able to get because of the price.

SEMphonic offers their clients an inside look at their theories concerning web analytics and allows you to investigate a different approach to keyword use. It is this information that allows them to bump their price into the exclusive use area. Depending on the size of your campaign, investing a few extra dollars in this software tool may give you some insight that you may not get without years of study or an outside SEO/Ad consultant. Semphonic CampaignTracker offers a 15 day free trial, which gives you an opportunity to explore this tool before signing on for the long term.

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