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Split Tester: A Simple Way To Develop Winning Ads

Split Tester is a very simple tool that was developed by Brian Teasley in an effort to determine the statistical significance between two different ads using a very small sample and extrapolating long-term results. This free tool provides you with information that may take months when using traditional split testing methods. Statistical significance is defined as a result that does not happen by chance. Using SplitTester in the early stages of pay per click campaign management can provide information that in many cases may take months and cost hundreds of dollars.

For example, when flipping a coin and the result is the same five times in a row you might suspect that luck had something to do with this result. However, were you to perform the action 100 times, it would not be improbable to believe that during the flips, you would have the same result five consecutive times at some point. The phrase statistically significant does not mean that the result is particularly important, but that it has significance within the confines of the test. This is how split tester is able to use the statistically significant information provided by a small number of click throughs to provide accurate data about the long-term use of an individual ad.

This free pay per click management software is based on the work of Perry Marshall, in the field of Google Adwords and pay per click programs. Mr. Marshall is highly recognized as one of the most successful developers of Adwords strategies in the world. He is one of the first to advocate the use of split tests using the analytical tools provided by Google. Split Tester takes the information gleaned from the reports page within a clients Adwords account and is able to extrapolate the potential click through ratio of one ad against the potential click through ratio of another ad. This allows advertisers to more quickly determine higher profit ads in order to reduce their pay per click costs.

One of the drawbacks of using Split Tester is its inability to differentiate between a true customer click through and a fraudulent click. The tool provides little, if any help when auditing click fraud. The only job of Split Tester is to provide the statistical probability of the success of one ad versus another. As a campaign grows older, Split Tester may provide a much clearer picture, because it will have additional statistically significant information from which to provide performance data. In addition, the more click throughs that are available to analyze, the less significant any fraudulent or mistaken clicks may become.

The importance of split tester comes in to play at about the time and ad reaches 30 clicks. Mr. Marshall and Mr. Teasley agree that once an ad reaches approximately 30 clicks, the long-term performance of that ad has been set. It is at this point that split tester is able to provide the statistical significance for a longer period of time without having to spend money on additional clicks. While the concept is very simple, the results can save thousands of dollars over traditional split testing of ads and landing pages. This savings can then be put into additional advertising or in other click fraud tools to help keep pay per click budgets in check.

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