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ThinkMetrics: Professional Web Analysis And Performance Enhancement

Thinkmetrics is the brainchild of Brandt Dainow, one of the most published authors in the field of web analysis in the world. The company is based in England and provides human refined analysis of your web site and its metrics that pure software cannot do by itself. ThinkMetrics offers a wide range of pay per click management software and click fraud tools for almost any size marketer. While it is based in Europe, it offers a fresh look at the US market that many site owners may not be able to see. They cover search engines both in the US and the International Markets.

As it relates to web analytics, almost every country in Western Europe, South Americal and Asia is covered by ThinkMetrics pay per click campaign management software that takes into account more than 250 different search engines. It also allows for time zone changes based on where the site is housed so that the analysis can be tailored to day part segmentation. Pay per click programs can be tracked in local time for each time zone through the ThinkMetrics web analytics. They also allow you to track visitors and view reports based on behavior or by the details of visits to specific web pages. The software allows for pay per call analysis should you need that option and you may also find ways to tap the emerging markets in Latin America through this system.

ThinkMetrics offers two versions of their software, InSite and InSite Gold, with the gold version providing you additional search engine placement analysis and a greater number of search engines are reported. Reports provide you with up to four different time frames that you can analyze. Reports are updated every hour and the company has representatives available 24 hours a day to assist with inquiries and to make suggestions to improve your site performance. Once you accept ThinkMetrics as your own, they offer unlimited free support by email and telephone. They also offer a PDF manual that can help you to understand each and every statistic available. An online video tour is available to give you virtual walk through when you need it.

When it comes to auditing click fraud, the click fraud detection tools are just not as freely available as in some other products. However, the live support and almost real time reports allow you to follow the path laid down by each visitor. This allows you to track a certain IP address and can help to identify fraudulent patterns in a website trail. This may actually provide you with verifiable problems before they become too expensive.

The various versions of service offered by ThinkMetrics allows you to choose how much you are going to spend in order to make their service available to everyone, regardless of the size of the website or budget. If you need or want to explore additional markets, especially international markets, then the web analytics and management software offered by ThinkMetrics could be exactly what you want.

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