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Ubersuggest: Google Keyword Tool On Steroids

Ubersuggest is one of the many free pay per click programs that helps you to develop keywords and keyword phrases. It was developed to provide a very easy to work with system. It takes the keyword tool developed by Google to the next level. This pay per click management software makes you wonder how you operated your programs in the past. Ubersuggest uses the information provided by the Google tool and expands those keywords and phrases by combining them with other popular search terms.

Using Ubersuggest as a part of your pay per click campaign management will help you to expand your keywords and increase your conversions. It can also provide you with keyword phrases that are easy to monitor with click fraud tools because of the uniqueness of the keywords you develop using the software. It also makes it easy to see patterns when auditing click fraud. Not only is it effective, but it is simple to use. In order to get results, you type in your keyword into the engine, choose a language and click the suggest button. In less than the time it takes you to blink you will be given 10 long-tail keyword phrases.

In order to get the good results from this tool, you must use the expand function that is a part of Ubersuggest. You lock in the top 10 results, hit the expand button and the tool will return with up to 10 additional words from each letter of the alphabet. This tool is capable of providing you with up to 260 additional keywords from a single word. Naturally there will be fewer results from the letters, q, x, z and the many of the results will be place specific. These specific locations may limit what you do with the keywords unless that is what you are actually searching for with this tool. Certain terms may not return as many results depending on the actual word that is being searched.

Ubersuggest has a number of drawbacks because after all it is a free tool. The first and most noticeable is that you only receive 10 results from each search. The expand function makes sure that receive some results from all the letters of the alphabet which may stir your imagination for a direction you had not planned to go in the first place. Since Ubersuggest is tied to Google, you know that the tool is powerful, but requires close monitoring to keep from doing duplicate work.

The results from working with Ubersuggest have provided another tool for developing pay per click advertising campaigns. Ubersuggesst allows you to export the developed key phrases into a text file that can easily be exported or manipulated by other pay per click management software. This a great way to manage your keywords. Working with this tool could not be easier and the results, while not always usable, should continue to spur ideas for additional key phrases. Spend some time expanding your top words with Ubersuggest and you may find yourself finding conversions from areas that you had not previously explored.

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