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Website Grader: Finding High Marks For Your Website

Website Grader was developed by HubSpot in order to provide a free tool for website owners to get an idea on how well their site is operating from and SEO (Search Engine Optimized) perspective. It looks for how well the site draws traffic, are there any SEO problems, and it looks for how well your site stands out in social media outlets. The tool is very simple to use; enter the website URL, click Generate Report and within just a few minutes, you receive a complete report that will help you to bump up the response of your pay per click programs, content management and other advertising programs. This is not a perfect picture of your site but it does offer a big picture understanding of what is going on with your site and its traffic. You can also use it your pay per click campaign management in order to see how well your site does against direct competitors.

Pay per click management software can not offer you the same thing that Website Grader offers you for free. The simple interface asks for your website URL, the URLs of competing websites (if you choose) and an email where the report can be sent. The total time required for analysis is usually less than 3 minutes. You are then directed to the results of the comparison and you get an email with a link to the final report, so you will have access to it at a later date. While it offers a lot of information concerning the SEO aspects of your site there is little offered when auditing click fraud or in the use of click fraud tools.

Website Grader offers information on a number of subjects. The first being how well the META tags on your homepage are seen and it offers suggestions for improvement. It then looks at the Heading tags to make sure they are able to be seen by the search engine spiders and are being taken seriously by search spiders and bots. Images are noted for loading time, labels and ALT tags. Grader looks interior pages looking for keyword relevancy and proper descriptions. It also measures appropriate readability scores for the material. Domain and PageRank statistics are noted as well as the number of pages that have been indexed by Google. The final report provides the last Google crawl date and you traffic rank as noted by Alexa. Inbound links are noted, as well as if your site is listed by DMOZ, Yahoo, and Zoom Info. Finally, Website Grader looks for blog relevancy, social media presence, lead conversion based on RSS feeds and it grades your keywords for estimated search volume.

The way to use this tool is to remember that it is an overall view of your site based on measurable criteria. Sites are graded on a 100 point scale and unless your score is below 80 you can be reasonably sure things are going well with your site. It should provide you with some insight that you may have overlooked while working with the details. Website Grader is highly recommended as a basic tool for making sure your SEO is up to standard, but remember, your final grade comes from actual human traffic and not spiders and bots. A well-trafficked site will gain much more than one that is optimized only for rankings.

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