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Woopra: Streaming Web Analytics For Immediate Response

When it comes to pay per click campaign management, Woopra has found a way to provide the very best tools in pay per click management software with the ability to use the results immediately in your pay per click programs. Woopra is an relatively new analysis tool that was designed from the beginning to provide the information needed for website owners to actively manage their visitors, pay per click programs and click fraud tools from one immediate, interactive dashboard. Auditing click fraud is a very large portion of pay per click campaign management, but Woopra offers so much more, that the click fraud tools almost get lost in the usability of the pay per click management software. The open architecture of Woopra delivers the best live statistics on visitors in the industry. It does this with a highly intuitive interface, screen shots that are a pleasure to view and information that is unsurpassed in its ability to help your visitors have a better experience.

The Woopra experience is split into to distinct sections currently. One is the desktop client program and the other is set up as a server side application. This allows Woopra to be utilized by more clients because there is less of a drain on server or computer resources. This conservation of resources allows users to see full color, live graphics, charts and analysis. Woopra has a number of plug-ins that allow the generation of databases, usage statistics and website traffic numbers. The live applications allow the ability for real time auditing click fraud. The tools that are imbedded in this service allow the tracking of individual visitors who continually visit your sites. This leads to a greater understanding of behavior and the ability to tailor information, ads and other content to visitor activity in real time. Woopra went live to the world in October of 2009 and the instant chat between site owner and visitor was an immediate hit. The visitor no longer has to download or add something to their computer making this one of the most used features of the Woopra service.

The service is available free under their Basic account, which is limited to personal, non-commercial sites and blogs. There are limitations on the functionality of some services and page views available under the Basic account. Woopra offers both statistics and analytics for websites. Statistics allow you to see what is happening and analytics allow you to make changes based on those statistics. This helps you to drill down into the behavior of your visitors to make your content, ads, and pay per action items more relevant to your visitors.

Everyone lives their life in real time. So getting statistics in real time should not be something new or unusual for website owners. Woopra allows you to have face-to-face interaction with your visitors. It allows for live conversations and for your site to actually operate at the speed of the web. Real time actually equates to being on the spot when a customer or visitor has a question or need and Woopra delivers that experience without huge costs or drain or your current resources.

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