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Word Combiner: A Powerfully Simple Keyword Phrase Developer

When developing pay per click programs many beginning marketers find it difficult to develop quality keyword phrases for their campaigns. Word combiner is a remarkably simple script that will develop multiple keyword phrases from your current lists. Unlike most pay per click management software, word combiner will provide every possible combination for any number of specific keywords that you designate. This will ensure that every advertising opportunity is optimized during your pay per click campaign management program. This tool is as simple to use as copy and paste. Having a complete list of every possible keyword combination will also help the beginning marketer when auditing click fraud.

Word combiner provides various options in order to help develop additional keyword phrases. You are able to put spaces and hyphens in your phrases or you may place and underscore between words. It also allows you to have negative value keywords and put your phrases into square brackets or quotations. You may also place a particular phrase in front or behind each value. The largest drawback of word combiner is that you are limited to 30 characters per word or phrase and you must work with 12 words or less in each list. This requires additional time when setting up long keyword phrase lists.

After you have your keywords in each box and included all of the parameters you wish, one click will bring you a completed keyword list that you can then place into any software you desire. Word combiner retains your original lists so that you may realign them into additional keyword lists and combinations. The simplicity of were combiner is reassuring to beginning marketers because of its ease of use and the comprehensive nature of the lists that are produced. More experienced marketers will find word combiner useful when developing click fraud tools because of the comprehensive nature of the keyword phrase lists.

Word combiner was developed in combination with word tracker software. However, you may use word combiner with lists developed from any source. The site offers you the opportunity to sign up for word tracker via an affiliate link, if you do not already use word tracker this is a great opportunity to take advantage of their discount and to pay back the developers of the word combiner software. Keyword research tools allow you to develop the lists that you will use within the word combiner software. During the free trial of word tracker you will also have the use of their keyword research guide which is a real world that was designed to solve the problems of a fictional company. This guide is well worth the time it takes to sign-up for their free trial.

Word combiner can provide beginning marketers with the best available options when developing their initial keyword phrases, especially as it relates to negative keywords and specific phrases that are used to target consumer traffic. Experienced marketers may find additional keywords and phrases that they may have initially overlooked when using word combiner. No marketer can overlook any tool that may provide them with an advantage over other marketers.

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