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ABC Search, PPC Engine and Internet Advertising Service, the triple threat of cash flow provides serious results for serious marketers. When your campaigns need to blow the doors off your vault with cash, ABC Search is the best PPC Engine and internet advertising service available. Source identification, dynamic click blocking makes the incremental second tier traffic you receive from ABC Search some of the highest converting clicks you will ever have. Editorial review and account management services ensure that your ads, clicks and traffic is optimized to gain the highest quality available. ABC Search helps you automatically block non-responsive lanes of traffic so that your dollars are spent wisely and in the profitable areas based on response. ClickShield guards the PPC Engine and protects your advertising budget from fraud and unscrupulous hackers. This keeps your campaigns up and running longer, more profitably and at a reduced cost.

The Internet Advertising Service provided by ABC Search maintains its high level of quality by doing manual editing of keywords with an industry leading one-day review process. This means your words are in the marketplace earning you money faster than ever before. You can build a bulk submission template to start and manage large campaigns with Microsoft Excel and this means no heavy learning curve. Automatic bidding for your keywords keeps you at the top of the tier (1 penny at a time) without you having to worry about going over your budget because of the Max Bid system. The PPC Engine at ABC Search constantly updates your bid to just one cent above the number two keyword so that you are not arbitrarily over bidding.

ABC Search allows publishers and advertisers an option that automatically funds their accounts when the balance falls below $5.00. However, unlike others you are free to choose the amount you wish to fund your account with so that you maintain control of the entire process. Combined with geo-targeting that can be targeted to individual cities and day parting features, the PPC Engine finds you the best possible consumers in the place they live and at the time that they are most receptive to your offers. When it comes to generating massive traffic, the proprietary Run of the Site feature has been known to shut down servers to marketers who were not ready for the influx of high numbers of qualified visitors. Once you find a high converting, regular source of traffic, the Static feature can help you to build brand awareness by repeated exposure to quality consumers. ABC Search uses its vast experience to maximize your click through rate, and the simple account navigation lets you see this dynamic process in action.

ABC Search provides keyword marketing, email marketing, display marketing and remarketing to ensure you capture all the available traffic possible for each campaign that you run. The available solutions bring advertisers and publishers constant traffic and that means more money at the end of the day. Join the thousands of satisfied local and national advertisers and the worldwide network of publishers at ABC Search today.