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AdBrite ads are advertising units for Adbrite, a platform, much like Google’s Ad sense, that allows online marketers and business owners to place their ads on the most popular and influential websites and blogs on the internet. Adbrite pays on a pay per click basis, which means that the owners of the website will get a commission everytime someone clicks on the Adbrite ads on their sites. Business owners, meanwhile, get an increase in traffic and potential customers when they post their ads on these popular websites.

Why Advertise with adBrite
There are various reasons for signing up for Adbrite advertising. For one, other advertising platforms pay less per click compared the rates offered by Adbrite. For example, when comparing adBrite versus AdSense, the former pays for $1.25 for every 1000 clicks, while AdSense pays a mere $0.05. Some platforms also tend to be finicky in their requirements of publishers, with some publishers being terminated from the program for various reasons. Adbrite screens its publishers and enforces program limitations and restrictions consistently. Finally, Adbrite has over 70,000 websites in its network, giving business owners more choices of websites on which to put their ads.

Setting Up an adbrite Account
Every user must set-up an adbrite account in order to gain access to the various ads available and in order to be able to make their ads available to publishers. For potential publishers, set-up can be done by going to the website, clicking on the Publishers option and from there, clicking on the Start Now button which begins the process of setting up the account so that Adbrite will know about one’s site and the available ad space. It is important to note that to be successful in selling ads, one must have a site that draws a considerable amount of visitors. This means that one must have a website or blog that is home to useful quality content. Experts often recommend setting up one’s website or blog, drawing lots of traffic using organic content and white hat SEO, before applying for advertising platforms such as Adbrite. This way, one gets to see faster results in the form of clicks and commissions, since the website already had a large following to begin with.

Management of adbrite Accounts
Management of adbrite accounts include checking to see how much traffic you have, how many clicks were generated by each ad, and setting up new ads from time to time. Setting up new ads is very important, since the more ads one has, the better chances of visitor clicks. One can set up an ad by logging in to the adbrite account and clicking the ‘For Publishers’ button. This will take the user to the dashboard, where one can choose the ‘Manage Ad Zones’ option before clicking “Set up a new zone.” After selecting the dimensions and the colors, one can follow the instructions that will lead to the code for the generated add.

adbrite ads come from a reliable advertising platform that benefits online entrepreneurs and website owners. For entrepreneurs, the program offers an affordable avenue through which they can advertise their products without having to spend thousands of dollars. Website owners are also given a chance to earn by using original and organic content to generate more traffic to their sites.