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Internet marketers have used pay per click advertising as a way to generate traffic and improve sales ratios. While the premise behind pay per click advertising has remained the same since the new millennium, the channels advertisers have chosen have changed. Now, with intuitive PPC engine tools, advertisers can advertise across thousands of different sites on a pay per click basis by skipping the search engines. If you want results and you are aiming for highly targeted traffic, consider the benefits of advertising with Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is an effective PPC engine that allows you to target your traffic with highly basic ads and banners. See how this Internet advertising service can help you and only pay for the clicks you receive.

How is Bidvertiser Different?

Bidvertiser gives website owners the power they need to sell their website space and marketers the power they need to purchase space. Unlike Google AdSense and Overture Content Match, Bidvertiser gives site owners and marketers the control they need to set prices and timing. Marketers can browse the Bidvertiser database to review partners sites for relevancy and quality. Once the marketer finds a partner site that relates to the products they sell they can bid on advertising and create their own simple add that is charged a specific price per click. You can use textual ads, standard ad units, banners, buttons, inline ads, or skyscrapers to entice prospective visitors to click-through. Not only will you save money, your click-throughs will generate you more sales and ultimately more profit.

Target and Improve Your Performance

Bidvertiser gives you the tools you need to target your ads and banners to a specific niche. You can use related channels, keywords, and traffic origin to show your ads to the right users on the right platform. The Ad Creative pay per click model ensures that you only pay for clicks you actually receive so you can prevent fraud and focus on expansion. When you stay protected against click fraud, you will have peace of mind in knowing that each visitor was a human who had intentions to purchase something from your site. This could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a month depending on how much you spend for your campaigns.

Bidvertiser gives members access to an intuitive advertiser control panel that will help you track and monitor your campaign’s performance. You can analyze how many clicks are converting to sales and which sources are performing best so you can modify you ads and the keywords you have selected.

If you are ready to target traffic it is time to sign up with Bidvertiser. Signing up takes less than 10 minutes and will give you instant access to targeted and easy-to-convert traffic. Simply browse the directory of websites partnered with the PPC engine, select sites that are relevant, choose keywords that relate to your business, set your geographical area, upload your banner or create your ad, set your budget and limits, and your ad is ready to run. Maximize your profits and manage your campaigns better with Bidvertiser.