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As an Internet marketer, you understand how important it is to direct highly target traffic to your website. While SEO advertising is important, some Internet marketers are turning to PPC campaigns to generate the traffic they need to profit monthly. Bing, powered by Microsoft, is quickly becoming one of the most searched search engines on the web. If you are trying to decide which search engine PPC campaign is the best you should always do your research. Go in depth and see if Bing PPC can generate you the traffic you need to succeed online.

Bing’s Growing Popularity with a Smaller Price Tag

In June of 2010, only about 9 percent of searches conducted were conducted with the Bing search engine. Just months later, this number jumper to over 15 percent of searches and is gaining momentum as we speak. Experts predict that the fairly new search engine will continue to gain momentum each month as users learn it is powered by Microsoft. Because Bing is fairly new, they are charging much less than Google ads. Currently, advertisers can pay less with Bing pay per click and have their ad ranked higher. As long as people who click-through are converting to sales you can earn a higher return on your investment.

Target Age and Gender

Another benefit of advertising with Bing pay for click is that marketers can actually target customers to fit a specific age or gender category when they bid for customers. This is a feature that Google and other search engines do not offer. Bing uses Windows Live accounts to identify the age group of searchers.

Greater Reach with a Yahoo Merger

It was announced last year that Bing and Yahoo plan on merging. Now that Yahoo and Bing are one, your Bing PPC ads will have more reach than ads with competing search engines. If you are concerned about the limited reach of Bing, you may want to think again. About 20 percent of searches are performed on Yahoo daily.

How Do You Sign Up For Bing PPC?

If you want to give Bing pay per click a try, you will need sign up for an account on Microsoft AdCenter. Signing up for a Microsoft AdCenter account is quick, easy, and free. After you fill out your user information, company information, market settings, marketing preferences, and agree to the conditions, your account has been created. Once you create your first campaign with all of your preferred settings, your account will be charged each time someone clicks on your ad just like any other pay-per-click campaign.

If you are not familiar with the Bing PPC system, Microsoft does offer free training and certification. The certification program teaches you how to drive more business to your website by bettering your campaigns. If you are serious about advertising your business through Bing, complete the free training program and earn your badge of adExcellence.

Bing PPC works just like any other pay-per-click program. You set your criteria and how much you are willing to pay per click and your campaigns are ranked based on your settings. Target the right customers in the right place and succeed in the competitive world of online marketing.