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Bing / Yahoo PPC

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Microsoft Advertising brings s simple and affordable PPC platform that leverages two of the most powerful search platforms on the planet, Bing and Yahoo! Microsoft Search Advertising controls 30.6 percent of the U.S. online buying market. Internet marketers understand that it takes more than search volume to make money and many are turning to the Bing PPC platform that has proven to produce buyers, not just browsers. Traffic on Bing continues to increase and the ability of the Microsoft Search Advertising to deliver is beginning to meet the needs of pay-per-click advertisers the world over, especially when attempting to access the American market.

During the most recent reporting quarter of 2011 Google reported an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $1.24 while the Bing PPC search engine reported an average cost of $0.78 CPC for a nearly 37% difference in cost. While price is a significant difference with the combination the Yahoo!/Bing search volume increased to more than 56% in the last quarter of 2010 making Microsoft Search Advertising account for more ad spends as a percentage than any other search model available.

Bing Grows with Their Ability

Bing PPC advertising offers several advantages over the Google program. Because it is still relatively new, their prices remain low even though they are announcing a significant increase in the 2012. Conversions on Google were listed as a Click Thru Rate of 0.7% with a 6.8% conversion ratio while the Click thru Rate for Bing was reported at .09% with a conversion ratio over 9%. Bing also offers advertisers the ability to target age and gender, something that Google and most other search engines do not offer. The final advantage that Bing offers is the family connection to Yahoo! Search which accounts for more than 20% of all daily searches.

Signing Off or Signing On

Adding yourself as a advertiser on the Bing/Yahoo network is simple and free. It only requires a couple of lines of information and you are ready to begin searching for the proper combination to increase your clicks and conversions. As with any other pay-per-click service your account is charged after you set you your first advertising program and begin to receive clicks. Microsoft offers a certification training program that will help you drive additional business to your website by helping you to improve your campaigns. True marketers will complete the free training and earn the Microsoft Search bade of adExcellence.

The general perception is that Bing is a smaller search engine that produces good results when it comes to conversions. However, as with any marketing decisions the rubber meets the road when you can offer a lower cost per sale thus increasing your return on investment. While advertising costs are projected to increase during the next year by as much as 13%, the Bing – Yahoo combination looks to be a viable alternative for advertisers searching to lower their costs and still continue to see a rise in revenue. The Bing PPC model is not much different than any other model but at this point it seems to be providing a higher ROI at a lower cost-per-click.