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Bizrate: An Internet Advertising Service That Works

Bizrate is a leading resource for both consumers and retailers. Shoppers can search for millions of value-priced products on Bizrate and do the research they need to to make an informed purchase. While consumers can find values on Bizrate, retailers can also benefit. Internet marketers, e-commerce business owners, and retail store owners can advertise their products on this powerful PPC engine so they can connect with loyal customers that will keep coming back. If you are in the process of reviewing your marketing budget, consider the benefits of using Bizrate as an Internet advertising service and invest your money where it counts.

What Type of Advertising Programs Does Bizrate Offer?

Every PPC engine is different. Some sources run a very traditional pay per click program while others sources offer less conventional options. The business services through Bizrate is a great source for qualified and highly targeted leads. The Product Listings and the Display Advertising Programs available on Bizrate will increase your traffic along with your sales. When consumers turn to this shopping channel instead of the popular search engines, they will find your products quickly and easily without spending far too much money.

If you are looking for a cost effective approach to reaching targeted consumers, the Product Listing Program will let you connect with consumers who are actively searching for your products. Participants can list specific products and consumers will be directed to your online store if they click on your listing. It is not until consumers click on your listing that you will be charged. This means added exposure without the added cost. You can use bidding tools to tell Bizrate how much you want to spend per click and the channel also offers listing management tools so you can edit your listings and determine if they are successful.

The Display Advertising Program is a different type of program that can be used to build brand awareness. You can invest in advertisements that will be viewed by 20 million unique visitors and target an audience that will benefit from your message. Each program will benefit your bottom line and ultimately increase your sales revenues.

How Do You Become a Partner?

If you are ready to take advantage of the Bizrate’s Business Service it is time for you to sign up to become a partner. There are no setup fees and the sign up process takes as little as 5 minutes. Create your partner account by registering for a Shopzilla Merchant Account and decide which services you want to take advantage of. Choose which country you want to list on and decide how much you are willing to pay per click and you are done.

If you want to compete in today’s highly competitive market sign up to become a partner merchant with Shopzilla. Bizrate is a respected shopping source that consumers and merchants trust. Show that you take customer satisfaction seriously and build your brand in the right way. Generate revenue for your company and increase your sales while you expand your business.