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ClicksRank: Making Online Advertising Easy, Stylish And Effective

The ClicksRank PPC Engine and Internet Advertising Service was introduced to the market in late 2009 and since that time has become one of the sought after pay per click services for advertisers and publishers. Search engines have come to love the relevance of ClicksRank and continue to send their clients to the top of the listings. The internet advertising service provides access to a large network of search engines and content sites. The pay per click service for publishers consistently brings additional income through their contextual ads and banner programs.

An advertiser account at ClicksRank is simple to establish and requires less than 5 minutes to complete the necessary information. Accounts can be created with any number of keywords and each keyword can be optimized to provide the best bid in their PPC Engine. The internet advertising service includes a budget setting which automatically disables your ads upon reaching your expenditure level. In an effort to combat click fraud, ClicksRank compares click patterns against a human click pattern and if there are any significant discrepancies, pay per click advertisers are not charged for the fraudulent activity. The PPC Engine at ClicksRank provides a safer, less expensive way for advertisers to combat click fraud than any of the other search engines that offer marketing services.

Advertisers are given two tools from ClicksRank that will help increase their ability to succeed within the search engines. The first tool is called Keyword Density Check. It will analyze how often a word appears on a certain page or domain of your choice. It also works within the PPC Engine at ClicksRank to ensure that your keywords are meeting optimal density requirements for word length and minimum occurrence. The second tool is a Search Engine Spider Emulator, that offers advertisers an inside look at how the search engines evaluate the pages where their ads appear. With this tool, ClicksRank also provides a thorough analysis of the pages and of the links that are included on each page.

Publishers benefit from contextual advertising that is posted through the PPC Engine based on relevant content found on the published site. Keyword relevancy on a publisher site triggers the demand for ads from the network. Several different varieties of ads are available. The appearance and size of ads is based on the desires of the publisher. The publisher determines the number of ads on a single page. Ad blocks may be developed on a specific website that prevents some types of ads from appearing on your pages. This allows you to control ads on your site and prevent a competitor ad from appearing on your site. Every time a visitor performs an action on your site, you receive a portion of the income from ClicksRank.

ClicksRank, while still relatively new, is growing very quickly based on their ability to provide relevant contextual ads that produce results for advertisers and publishers alike. They offer a low deposit to get started, and provide a $10 bonus for each account opened. Because they are a smaller network, you must monitor it more closely. However, the small size allows you to rank higher for the more competitive keywords faster, and at less cost than on larger networks.