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A Pay per click, or PPC Engine, is an Internet advertising tool that can be used to direct web traffic to certain websites. These websites contain advertising that provide the publisher or website owner a certain monetary amount every time the website is visited or an ad is clicked. There are two ways to utilize an Internet advertising service, either with a one time lump payment or by bids. eClickz focuses on the bidding method for providing the best pay per click advertising available today.

Started in 2003, eClickZ is a leading developer of search engine advertising and marketing. Thousands of online businesses have already learned what reaching millions of people can do to their bottom line. When deciding to pursue a pay per click search engine through eClickZ, it is important to understand the process. Once you have signed up with eClickZ, you will need to decide the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for an ad spot. The ads are typically based on a keyword or set of keywords. When the ad is part of a PPC engine, the automated auction will take place when your chosen keyword is searched. All bids being placed for the searcher’s location, time, and date will be compared. A winner will then be determined and awarded. If there are several ad spots, then there may be multiple winners depending on the amount of each bid. Ads with the highest bid will typically show first in the list of results, so it is important to take that into account when setting your bid amount. Contextual ads can also be placed on third party websites that are partnered with eClickZ. Publishers and website owners will register to host eClickZ advertisements. By doing this, the publisher will earn part of the revenue that the ad generates. However, usually ads placed on third party websites will have a lower click through rate, or CTR, than pay per click search engine results. Search engine ads and contextual ads can also be used together to ensure that you are reaching the maximum number of clients or customers in as little time possible.

Regardless of which method you choose, or if you decide to combine services, eClickZ will provide the best exposure for your business, product, or service. Search engines are being used every day by millions of Internet users. By utilizing the ad space available within these engines, you will be reaching customers that were not available to you before. Since you will only pay when you receive qualified traffic and there are no registration fees to use this service, there is no risk involved with using the eClickZ service. With an initial $500 investment, eClickZ will then match up to $100 of that deposit. The cost effective business model and easy setup give eClickZ an edge above competitors. This means big exposure with little expenditure for your business. If any questions or problems arise, customer service is happy to assist you in any way to make your experience seamless and enjoyable.