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EPilot: Internet Advertising At Its Best

ePilot provides an optimized Internet advertising service for small online companies and marketers. The PPC engine was developed and brought online in 1999. They have been offering pay per click services, tracking, and bid management in order to fulfill the needs of marketers that have budgets under $1000 per month. ePilot provides a number of proprietary tools that allow the small online business to compete with large search engines and the pay per click budgets of much bigger organizations. The Internet advertising service provided by ePilot levels the playing field when it comes to keyword bidding and optimization.

Advertisers with ePilot find it easy to open an account and to start managing and tracking their pay per click campaigns quickly across multiple search engines, through the PPC engine and services provided by the company. As with any Internet advertising service, advertisers will find the normal keyword and ad tracking software, however ePilot supplements these services with their added expertise and resources. ePilot maintains a relationship with minor search engines such as Mamma, Dogpile and LookSmart. These relationships allow advertisers and publishers to benefit from the PPC engine.

An advertiser that chooses to use the ePilot PPC engine will find a bid tracking tool that will follow and update keyword bids for an unlimited number of words. The prophet tracking tool allows advertisers to optimize each keyword across all of the search engines and publisher sites that ePilot maintains. The ePilot network currently generates more than 3 billion targeted searches each month. In addition to the named search engines, their network covers more than 319 partner sites. The traffic generated by this PPC engine continues to be of high quality and volume. The company works hard to bring together targeted contextual advertisements across their entire network so that advertisers receive traffic that converts and publishers are able to maximize their income.

Publishers are able to take advantage of contextual ads and banners in order to produce shared income through the actions of website visitors. Ads are delivered to a publisher’s site based on relevant topic and keyword selection throughout the website content. This ensures that each visitor is provided with advertising at a time when they are most probable to complete a required action upon clicking through a link. Publisher pages are initially screened to match categories that are covered by the company and once accepted are monitored regularly in order to ensure continuing relevance for the network.

Enlisting the help of ePilot guarantees that each click will provide a qualified lead for the price that you have set. The relative size of this company compared to other companies allows advertisers to gain higher keyword position across a large network, thus providing an opportunity to control costs while still allowing for fast growth. ePilot also provides the opportunity to automatically turn off ads once you have reached your monthly targeted budget. Their bid tracker software also allows you to choose a lower position in order to continue advertising as you approach your monthly budget.