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eZanga is a metasearch engine that compiles results from about 20 major search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Enhance Interactive). With the bright green tree frog as their mascot and the trademarked tag line of “hop on and go!” eZanga attracts searchers not just due to the quality of their search, but also because they give away a lot of prizes and monthly cash drawings as a reward for using the search function.

The interface is bright, full of white space, and shows a lot of information in easy-to-distinguish different colored boxes. Users can search the web, images, audio, video, news, and shopping categories from the home page. The SERPs have a maximum of three (3) sponsored ads at the top of the page, distinguished only by the words “sponsored by” in front of their URL. To the left of the SERPs, eZanga provides some alternate search phrases for the user to consider that are relevant to the original search phrase, and images and prices of the product of the search in a “check prices” section. The SERPs include a preview of each entry’s website, a link to the wayback machine for the site, and site information in a panel at the right.

eZanga’s signature selling point is “Traffic Advisors,” which analyzes each incoming search as either valid or invalid, based on analysis of the source of the traffic. If judged invalid, no ads are shown to that user. The major use of this technology is deterring click fraud, as traffic sources deemed invalid will not even see an advertiser’s pay-per-click ad in order to click it and incur cost for the advertiser. Ads can be targeted locally, regionally and nationally (US only).

The two ad programs offered are eZanga National and eZanga Local. If your product or service isn’t sold on a national scale, your best bet is eZanga Local. The National product is marketed with the qualifying statement that “if you’re [sic] company has no regional or local restriction we can provide you with [ppc advertising]. The National advertisers package is similar to most other search engines; the Local product offers ad options for businesses without a website (for pay per call, email, coupons; forms tracking) as well as those who do, using a “radius you set based on the local availability of your product and/or service.”

The Targeting Optimizer lets you see maximum cost-per-clicks (Max CPC) per position and estimated cost for each targeting element and it enables you to optimize each targeting element to obtain a desired position in the results page. It also generates additional keyword suggestions.