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GenieKnows: Redesigned, Refocused and Real Results

The GenieKnows Internet Advertising Service has been responsible for a number of very successful launches over the last 10 years. Smart marketers who are searching for targeted traffic full of buyers are finding this PPC Engine to be one of the best on the web. Since 1999, they have been driving traffic with search algorithms that bring quality visitors that result in conversions for advertisers in niche markets like health, video games and local businesses. The vertical search flow for this service drills deeply into any market they decide to chase and provide a much more relevant search result for the user. This means a much higher conversion rate because users, content and advertising are all coordinated.

GenieKnows makes becoming a client very simple. With a single page sign up form, you will see benefits from the amazing set of tools in less than an hour. The only real drawback to the enrollment process is the requirement to complete a government form. The terms and conditions of service are pretty standard and hold no roadblocks to keep you from using the service.

Making money using the GenieKnows interface is simple with the provided tools like the redirect page for visitors that are exiting your site. On exit, users are sent to a landing page that is optimized with advertisers based on the relevant pages your visitors have seen. You also have the ability to direct your exiting visitors to a site based on keywords that you choose. One click contextual banners allow you to earn based on the views of your visitors and a simple to use search box is as easy as posting a short code into the page of your choice.

The revolutionary Hot Spot, 2 click ad unit allows for PPC actions on optimized words that direct your visitors to relevant results that you have put up. The ad units offer customization of categories, stock themes or design your own pages that are perfect for the hard to monetize ad placements you may have. This single Internet Advertising Service can be your go to PPC Engine when you need to find a way to make money off some traditionally difficult niches.

When you combine all the benefits of this tool set with those of its closest competitors, the competition falls away. Cutting edge management tools, simple to use interface and high quality monetization options makes this the PPC Engine of choice when you need to make money quickly. Once your account is set up it takes less than 2 minutes to have code ready for your site or to have branded action oriented ad units up and making you money. Working with the support team for special projects is always easy since support is as quick as a phone call or email. GenieKnows has spent their time building a trusted media business around the need to provide quality traffic directly to publishers, advertisers and partners. The company continues to grow as an leader in Internet search and PPC by bringing you what you need, which is high quality, fast converting traffic.