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Kanoodle: Search Done Right

The Kanoodle PPC Engine and Internet Advertising Service is one of the oldest services around. Started in 1999, the high quality, results driven PPC engine delivers relevant traffic from such sources as BING, CNET, InfoSpace, MarketWatch and USAToday. Kanoodle delivers laser targeted traffic based on keyword selection, product reviews, articles, blogs and RSS feeds. Kanoodle can deliver any type of solution, for any type of website and in any size that is needed. Whether you need traffic and clicks to your site or desire high converting, pay per click visitors to the sites of your clients the Kanoodle PPC Engine and Internet Advertising Service should be your service of choice.

Choosing an Internet Advertising Service should never be dependent on price alone. The tools that are connected to the PPC engine should be a major consideration. While simple to work with, Kanoodle provides a suite of tools unmatched in the industry. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete the required sign up form and from there it is less than 5 minutes to have your site optimized and making money with the tool of your choice. Kanoodle offers 4 different search engine tools that can be customized based on business goals and targets. ContextTarget, LocalTarget, BehaviorTarget and KeywordTarget have become the standard for performance when it comes to driving PPC engine traffic.

The flagship service of Kanoodle is ContextTarget and it delivers context based approach to delivering a relevant crowd of targeted traffic based on user based surfing habits. Users are provided content based on their searches and click history. Based on the large history of data, users are given relevant results based on the categories that Kanoodle has developed. LocalTarget has become the go to product when you need to connect with geo-targeted traffic. This is especially useful for targeting specific towns for local traffic or specific regions depending on your needs and the reach of your service.

BehaviorTarget is revolutionary in the way that it derives click histories and search terms to provide laser-targeted ads to users. It continuously delivers relevant ads and your sponsored links to users including the broad base of categories they have developed. BehaviorTarget ensures that your visitors are receiving the products and services that intrigue them and encourage them to click. KeywordTarget is the last search related item that Kanoodle has put into the market. The program delivers your ad to interested users across the network and delivers it to such properties as InfoSearch, CNET and DogPile Search.

Maintaining proper positioning within the network is the job of PPC BidTracker. Setting your limits and your tolerance ranges can keep you at the top of all interested the included internet properties making sure that your ads are delivered to your intended target. It also means that your traffic will come at the lowest possible price letting you keep your campaigns running longer and be more profitable while they are running. Kanoodle delivers everything you would expect from a top flight company and more.