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LookSmart Search Marketing

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LookSmart Search Marketing: Demanding Quality And Expecting Results

LookSmart Search Marketing is a quality internet advertising service and pay per click publisher solution that is driven by search engines over a syndicated network of internet properties. They have a two-fold purpose, whereby the PPC Engine and the LookSmart Internet Advertising Service produces outstanding implementation for all the partners involved. Search engines and LookSmart have been working hand in hand since the inception of pay per click marketing began. With more than a decade of experience in the internet advertising service arena, LookSmart understands the goals of advertisers and can help them produce the results they desire from search engines, PPC engines and pay per click campaigns. Publishers benefit from this storehouse of knowledge by receiving huge value and high click ratios on their properties, which produces a steady recurring income.

LookSmart prides itself on providing some of the highest quality traffic available on the internet through search engines and a search network that is unparalleled in the industry. LookSmart uses a proprietary technology, developed over a decade of work, to produce a steady flow of traffic that is relevant to advertisers, publishers and consistent with a visitors expectations. Using offline analysis and 3rd party partnerships they provide protection against click fraud for advertisers and irrelevant advertising for users. Bad traffic is removed from the network by a collaboration between publishers, technology and partnerships to make the sure the PPC Engine remains a viable choice for clients. Bid pricing is optimized to mark appropriate traffic, volume and quality.

Advertisers come to LookSmart and once here they stay because of the more than 2 billion unique daily searches, some of the most competitive CPC bids on the market, and a consistent delivery resulting in a very high return on investment. The PPC Engine continually scours the network to bring the right traffic to the right advertiser. Through customized channels of distribution based on an advertisers stated goal, pinpoint targeting and tracking LookSmart is able to provide traffic on par with the largest search engines in the world.

Publishers are able to monetize their web properties through the LookSmart network of high value cost per click network. Understanding the goals of publishers and providing them with the means to monetize profitably through collaboration brings high value to every publisher. They provide the technology to bring quality traffic and premium click through ratios based on the PPC engine algorithms. The simple to implement XML feed puts publishers in the network faster and easier than any other service.

LookSmart provides their network of publishers and advertisers with more than 2 billion unique searches on a daily basis. Bringing together multiple networks across a wide range of interests ensures that advertisers have their message put in a diverse cross section of visitors giving them the best chance of conversion. LookSmart drives traffic through a partner network by intentional and context driven traffic and this allows you to scale your operation as large as you want through a wide range of publisher sites. Working to drive quality and provide expected results is the goal.