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Mamma Brings Home The Clicks With Their Internet Advertising Service

The Internet Advertising Service offered by Mamma has been bringing high quality, high converting traffic to publishers and advertisers since it began as a master’s thesis project in 1996. Over the last 15 years it Mamma and the PPC Engine they developed has undergone a number of different names and business transformations. While their pay per click service may not be as large as others, the unique way of bringing advertiser properties to the top of the rotation has proven to provide above average click through rates and conversions. Mamma has worked hard to bring additional resources online to ensure everyone who uses their internet advertising service or PPC Engine services receives tremendous value for their time and money.

The unique rotation service offered by the Internet Advertising Service at Mamma ensures a top three listing in one of the 19 categories offered on a regular basis. The bid prices are controlled in this manner and you can plan your pay per click campaigns with a much greater accuracy when it comes to budgeting. This rotating basis also keeps advertisers with smaller budgets from being completely shut out of the prime spots. Search engines find this rotating basis friendly as well, making spots on the rotation schedule at Mamma highly sought after by small and midsize advertisers.

Mamma worked closely in their early stages, along with major search engines to combat click fraud and in so doing developed technology that protects your pay per click budget but also protects the integrity of the PPC Engine. Mamma was also the first PPC Engine to make geo targeting available to advertisers; however, after the initial breakthrough they are still limited to only be able to target specific countries. The geo tracking and targeting allows them to filter clicks from the same IP address within a 24 hour period and they pay special attention to areas that have proven to have higher incidences of click fraud. Mamma is currently developing additional “post click” analysis tools for advertisers and publishers to help them target consumer behavior while using the available search engines.

Mamma has become adept at providing instructions on search engines, how PPC works and the quality standards that they expect from advertisers and publishers. Providing relative content to web users is their primary concern when bringing on new publishers and matching them with the search engines categories. They are also available 24 hours a day to help put together that winning promotion. They have become the gold standard when it comes to innovation and customer service in this industry.

Quality control with ads, intuitive search engines, guide/style lines for keywords and editorial control are just a few of the ways that Mamma makes sure you reach the top of the rotation and gain the market share you are after. The user interface is very clear and friendly for first timers. Mamma recently purchased an email marketing and pop-up company called Digital Arrow. This should lead to additional opportunities for growth and provide more services to their growing list of clients.