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Marchex AdHere: The Gold Standard Of An Internet Advertising Service

Marchex AdHere brings customers to the clients of their internet advertising service and provides results from their proprietary PPC Engine for publishers. Search Engines are only the tip of the iceberg where Marchex Adhere is concerned. Pay per click outlets, calls, banners, text advertising and email campaigns are the major outlets for bringing results to their clients. Advertisers have more than 200 publisher sites to draw customers giving the Marchex AdHere internet advertising service one of the most effective in the marketplace today. Publishers who specialize in pay per click and search engines find tremendous support for their local and national campaigns.

Companies that choose to use the internet advertising service can find themselves overwhelmed by the response of the more than 200 solely owned sites under the AdHere service. In order to augment the response, Marchex AdHere allows their PPC Engine to access OpenList which brings an additional 30,000 unique visitors who are doing local searches. The PPC Engine allows visitors to start with a single category search such as Chinese Food and then follow that down to locations, delivery and even specific menu items. This concentration on specific searches provides for better results for the advertiser at much lower costs because of fewer wasted clicks. Search engines cannot begin to match the effectiveness of this type of pay per click advertising.

Publishers who choose to use the pay per click services and the PPC Engine find the reporting tools to be state of the art when it comes to tracking their campaigns. Marchex has long been a player in not only pay per click but in pay per call response advertising from all types of media outside the internet. Marchex AdHere provides an irresistible set of tools from which to track your business. Fraud detection is of upmost concern for the company in order to protect both advertisers and publishers. National and local exposure through their own search engines bring faster results to the visitors of a publisher property and expose those visitors to a greater variety of relevant information, which brings visitors back repeatedly.

Using the Marchex AdHere PPC Engine is very simple. The first thing any advertiser must do after setting up an account is to choose the target locations for their campaign. From there, ad creation follows a rather standard format that allows you to see you ad in a WYSIWYG format. The ad appears as you design it giving you the ability to make changes quickly without having to move from screen to screen. Setting your daily budget is done by providing your ad bids to the PPC Engine during ad creation. Advertisers also have the ability to decide which internet properties and websites their ads will be displayed on giving a higher level of control when it comes to targeting traffic.

Search engines find ads on the network because of its high visibility and large number of unique visitors. The specialized geo-targeting offered along with the ability to designate particular properties makes the Marchex AdHere network very attractive to advertisers and publishers.