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Mirago PPC

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Mirago – An International Advertising Powerhouse

Mirago is a performance based advertising company in Germany and the United Kingdom. They provide a service called a PPC Engine, or Pay Per Click, advertising. A PPC Engine uses Internet advertising to draw traffic to your website. When a website contains these ads, the publisher will often earn a predetermined monetary amount whenever the website is visited. The ad can also generate money if a user clicks on a link as well.

There are two different sectors within the Mirago name, so you will need to determine which services you prefer before signing up. Mirago Technology offers high performance media advertising options for media companies. Their sister site, Mirago Media, provides performance based advertising products for both the media and advertisers. Each division has their own list of fees and services, so you may need to contact a specialist to determine which one works best for your company. Whichever Internet advertising service you choose, be confident that you will reach over five billion Internet users through the Mirago network.

Mirago has a long tradition of providing top of the line service in performance advertising. Started in 1997 as a division of Compsoft, Mirago quickly developed a reputation in the newly created online world. The company established themselves as an independent corporation in 2000. Ask Jeeves and Infospace were the first third party search sites to incorporate Mirago’s technology. In 2004 they earned the Honorable Mention at the Search Engine Watch awards for their dayparting and traffic source selection services. Today, Mirago continues to build long term relationships with their providers, as well as develop new ground breaking programs.

Both Mirago Technology and Mirago Media use the same basic components. Their advertising services utilize paid searches within popular search engines, directories for classifieds, and contextual ads. They also use a bidding model versus fixed prices if that is what works better for your business. Before deciding on which option to choose, you will need to determine a keyword or set of keywords that will lead clients to your business. Once you have chosen these phrases, you will place a bid based on the searcher’s time, date, and location of a query. Once the keyword has been searched, the automated auction will begin. A winner will be determined based on how many bids were placed and how many ads spots were available. If you are not comfortable with the bidding process, you can choose to use a contextual ad. With this program, an ad will be placed on a third party website. This method earns the website publisher a small revenue whenever a client clicks on the link within their site. Finally, banner, HTML5, and video advertising are also available. For maximum exposure, it is best to use a combination of advertising methods.

Regardless of which options you choose for your company, you can be certain that you will be dealing with one of the top Internet advertising services worldwide. Just one call to their customer service department will get you started quickly and easily.