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Miva PPC Engine and Internet Advertising Service is also known as Adknowledge Miva. It is a part of the world’s largest independent advertising network. Through the worldwide coverage of their connected sites, the Miva internet advertising service connects publishers, advertisers and consumers with each to develop beneficial relationships. The proprietary PPC Engine connects with the use of second level search widgets, targeted email lists, relevant domain searches and independent content publishers to provide advertisers with specific, targeted traffic to help them reach their intended marketing results. This drives traffic above and beyond the ordinary results of major search engine marketing. Miva has been partnered with Adomerty, a third party traffic validation company, for more than 12 years and this partnership ensure the highest level of quality traffic using TrafficAnalyst technology.

The Miva Internet Advertising Service puts new customers together with advertisers by putting the correct ad in front of the correct audience across a broad range of interconnected sites. Using a hands-on account management process, every campaign is reviewed for performance statistics and to prioritize source traffic that matches advertising expectations. Traffic is provided through the efforts of searches, domain aggregation, ad impressions, consumer downloadable widgets and opt-in email. Second level search resources provide a higher level of targeted visitors than a traditional search engine result. Independent auditors and click tracking technology ensure the validity of each traffic source and individual click providing more quality traffic at a lower cost than any other PPC Engine. The use of domain aggregation sites help to match advertisers with qualified consumers with relevant information when they are asking for it.

The Miva PPC Engine drives visitors with contextual ads from worldwide publishers. These publishers provide text links, mouse-over displays and banners within their relevant pages of content in order to funnel visitors to advertiser sites. Miva also uses toolbars and other apps that consumers are able to download to receive relevant information in a very cost effective way that significant increases traffic. Laser-targeted, opt-in email puts relevant display and text ads in front of the most likely to click customers by using proprietary targeting technology.

The Miva PPC Engine has been putting money in the pocket of publishers for more than 10 years using their exclusive TrafficBuilder technology. Publishers are provided with relevant, contextual, display and banner advertising that matches their site and encourages conversion activity from the users. Miva uses dedicated account managers who physically review the content submission process and make sure that performance meets the standards you expect. These managers are all experts in the field of internet monetization that can increase traffic to your site while allowing the Miva network to deliver competitive ads that will optimize your income.

Publishers receive dedicated account managers and an expert team who deliver. There are thousands of advertisers, keywords and categories that will ensure a steady stream of traffic to your site. The wide assortment of targeted ads and deep bid pool provides competitive payments and superior monetization results. Signing up with Miva is simple and quick. Join the world’s largest independent network today and watch your income soar.