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Scratching and clawing your way to the top of a search engine results page, or SERP, used to take an immense amount of research, keyword applications, and a savvy search engine optimization, or SEO, plan, but not anymore, with the help of advertising through mysimon. Mysimon is comparison shopping site that allows advertisers to list pay per click ads on their site, which will appear when individuals search for products or services within their genre. This embedded pay per click engine, or PPC engine, on mysimon allows its advertisers to simply pay for their internet advertising service with a revolutionary idea of making a payment for an ad, once someone has clicked on it, and been redirected to the advertiser’s website.

The Benefit of Advertising with Mysimon
Mysimon is one of the largest comparison shopping sites on the internet today, hosting nearly one million unique visitors per month, increasing the odds of your ad appearing alongside like products that are being searched. Mysimon reaches an affluent audience of active online shoppers, while delivering highly qualified, product specific leads from potential customers. In addition, mysimon offers competitive cost-per-click rates for any advertising budget. With such a devoted, highly targeted audience, mysimon provides an unprecedented marketing opportunity for practically any industry.

Creating an Ad with mysimon
Mysimon is a subsidiary of CNET, which is a subsidiary of CBS Interactive. You will need to contact the advertising representative from CBS Interactive, or logon to their website to create an advertising profile, and actual advertisement. Pricing is listed on their site for advertising on mysimon. The larger company umbrella provides you with more advertising opportunities. Your ad will come with a disclaimer when listed on mysimon, noting that it is a paid listing that has been purchased by a company who wishes to have their items appear as related content to the item the searcher has requested. Once you have created an ad, and set up the terms of the agreement with CNET, you are well on your way to driving more traffic to your site.

Advertising through such a high traffic network will help increase the number of times your advertisement is viewed alongside similar products, increasing traffic to your site, resulting in increased revenue. Although other PPC Engines provide results through search engines, mysimon is a search engine within itself, contained to one website, which provides longer page views, and extended exposure to an impressive target market, including a veritable split of male and female traffic, with the median age of 39. Based on the statistics provided, their average household income is $81,000, and they are expected to spend an average of $2600 in the next twelve months on technology related goods and services. Mysimon brings your target market to you, without dashing all over the internet or running the risk of the search engine a certain person uses not being a part of your PPC Engine.

Mysimon is its own search engine, within its highly methodically and functional website, netting you the best results possible in the online shopping community.