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Using NexTag To Promote Your Business

NexTag, a PPC engine, is one of the top five shopping sites currently running on the internet today. PC Magazine has repeatedly named it as one of the top websites in their famous One Hundred Best lists. Since 2004, NexTag has been bringing in more than ten million unique users per month. These impressive numbers make the search engine a formidable approach to internet sales.

NexTag is organized similarly to other pay per click websites, in that it uses a directory to lead visitors through the pages. There are seven categories that a user can browse; including computers, clothing, home and garden, travel, electronics, cars, and mortgages. Visitors using the United Kingdom version will see different categories as reflected by their shopping preferences.

One of the biggest selling points for a business is NexTag’s exclusive Price Drop feature. This tool allows the consumer to see how much the price has gone down in recent days. This often provides an additional push as consumers believe they should purchase the item before the price goes back up. If you frequently run specials on your items, then this tool will give you a head start over your competitor.

Since NexTag users typically visit for the reviews, it is imperative to get your business listed in the merchant section. Here, customers can evaluate your company, rather than just the product. If an item is selling for an identical price across the board, the visitor will likely then turn to the business with the best reputation. Securing a solid presence with excellent customer service and fast shipping speeds will pay off in dividends.

If your company would like to register with NexTag as a seller, the process is quick and simple. All items can be listed for free, regardless of the company size, so there is little risk when trying this internet advertising service. If you have less than one hundred different products available, then you will register as a Self-Serve Seller. Those with over one hundred unique products will be enrolled in the Merchant Program. Both divisions use the same basic pay per click principle; you pay them a fee when they refer a customer to your store. The starting fee for leads is fifty cents, but bidding is available for better visibility.

There are tools available to merchants to follow their sales, although they are still in the development phase. Currently, you can see your account balance and history, as well as the click through information. As NexTag works to become a cohesive shopping comparison location, more seller features will become available. With the listings and reviews located in one area, a business can give the consumers a snapshot of what they have to offer. The competitive online market means that this quick glimpse could be all that a business gets. Their devotion to daily inventory checks and updated merchant profiles give NexTag an edge over similar websites. If your business can only choose one of the PPC search engines to use, this option gives you the most exposure for the best prices.