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PageSeeker – A Little Engine With A Lot Of Heart

Started in September 2000, PageSeeker is an Australian pay per click company that is a division of Dark Blue Sea Pty Ltd. This relatively small website has little information available about their growth and history. To get an accurate understanding of this internet advertising service, a prospective merchant must spend some time navigating PageSeeker’s website. Since there are few client reviews available, it may be wise to use PageSeeker as only a small fraction of your advertising repertoire.

PageSeeker does offer a different approach to PPC engine advertising, which may be enough to set it apart from competitors. Unlike other websites, PageSeeker uses a traditional search engine approach to categorize their information. When a user clicks on a listing, they will be taken to a page that gives the best website choices for that product. In addition, there are far more than the typical maximum of ten listings. Instead, there are several pages of choices, causing the consumer to believe they are using a traditional search engine, rather than an advertising service. For users that shy away from sponsored listings, this may be an excellent way to make them feel more comfortable.

PageSeeker is well known for their excellent customer service, so you can feel confident that they will be able to walk you through any issues. This is due to the fact that there are only ten employees with the company. However, this may also cause an issue as growth will likely be stunted due to the small staff. You will not need to contact customer service if you would like to open a merchant account. In order to register, you will simply need to fill out a form with basic details. You will then select a topic or phrase that will determine your location in a search listing. Once you have completed that step, you will choose either a free or paid listing. Free listings are located at the end of the search results, while paid ones are at the beginning. A major downfall to the search engine style listings is that you are limited to a strict 125 character description. You are allowed to only use your business name and a very brief summary of the product. If your item is complex or you have a lengthy business name, you may run out of space before getting an adequate description. Since this is the consumer’s first look at your product, you do not want to cut out important information.

PageSeeker claims to be the third largest pay per click search engines available, with over fifty million hits per month. However, PPC Universe magazine denies their claim and cautions merchants to research their options thoroughly before registering with PageSeeker. Since the site tracks raw clicks rather than unique clicks, your traffic reports may be extremely off balance. Since you pay PageSeeker per click, you may be charged for a single user visiting the same listing over and over. The customer service department claims that they will reimburse any proven fraudulent clicking, but tracking is very difficult and refunds are likely to be denied.