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Pricegrabber PPC

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Reach Out And Grab Profits That Pricegrabber Offers is a popular online price comparison service. As its name implies, the site’s primary mission is facilitating consumer quests for the lowest possible price on all its featured products, goods, and services. In addition, Pricegrabber is also an equal opportunity provider of opportunities to profit. Both shoppers and merchants alike stand to benefit from membership association with this web-based forum.

Mutual pecuniary benefits of pay per click
The mere mention of “search engines” leads most folks to think of gargantuan providers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Relatively few are aware of the existence of a specialized kind of provider known as a “PPC engine.” Nonetheless, astute vendors routinely turn this relatively novel innovation into vast profits. The prime feature that makes pay per click (“PPC”) marketing campaigns so coveted is that merchants pay for only the actual level of exposure their particular offering(s) receive within targeted market(s).

Peculiar pecuniary benefits of Pricegrabber
An ability to showcase products to the best advantage absent an existing internet advertising service is Pricegrabber’s prime feature. With more than 26 million site visits within an average month, all your commercial wares are bound to receive bountiful exposure. The best news of all is that you may avoid costly web design and hosting fees.

Even well-established, larger concerns can similarly benefit from being able to easily list or add already-advertised commodities to a new or current merchant account.

Simple sign-up
Pricegrabber presently offers two basic formats for availing oneself of all its enormous economic advantages.

- CPC Account Servicing

This scheme is most beneficial for those businesses which already possess a piece of Cyberspace upon to present their products or services to the public. In addition to displays within your own domain, you may show off all offerings via Interested consumers can merely click any associated imagery or product information before or during a purchase. Pricegrabber’s pay per click ad costs are based upon the cumulative volume of viewer clicks.
Complete storefronts

This type of Program participants promote products already featured elsewhere within Pricegrabber’s colossal realm. Payment must then be consummated within

Additional Pricegrabber advantages

Bulk product offering uploads via FTP
User-friendly interface matches most interested prospects with featured products
Flexibility from the availability of both CPC and revenue-sharing pricing schemes

Pricing fits for big and small business budgets
As of this writing, Pricegrabber transaction fees are $1.50 USD + a per-sale commission of 9 percent. Special holiday rates go into effect between November 1 and January 15 of each year.

Monthly fees are $.25 USD per “active” product that is available for immediate shipment from merchant inventories. The first 100 such listings are free of charge . Costs for any in excess of this amount are assessed by average daily business volume and available inventory.

Pricegrabber PPC Engine = Best of All Worlds
For commercial operations concerned about optimizing online presence and the highest bottom lines, Pricegrabber is definitely worth a close investigation. Substantial savings on your single biggest business expense combined with vastly enhanced marketplace exposure is an unbeatable combination for success. For further details, see