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RedZee Offers Very Real Benefits For Virtual Businesses

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, RedZee, Inc. is among the Top 100 web-based search engines. The site was originally designed with an orientation toward family-friendly online searching in mind. Since initial inception, its primary focus has shifted to cutting-edge technological integrations intended to drastically alter the landscape of virtual querying.

RedZee pay per click ads are especially valuable for web-based marketers wanting to find high favor with younger members of both genders. According to RedZee officials, the secret of success for this internet advertising service runs far deeper than the initial draw of its famous red zebra imagery.

In a recent news report, RedZee Search President John Stewart stated that his firm’s emphases on high-quality visual displays are especially attractive to the younger generation. This is particularly true of those who form intimate acquaintances that lead to undying love of graphics applications (like games), iPods, and Smart Phones.

RedZee PPC Engine Stats

Quantcast is an internationally-renowned industry analyst firm. Quantcast is also widely regarded as the world’s only entirely objective internet advertising service evaluator. Its new media measurement open source tool permits online marketers to compile accurate audience analyses for millions of websites and online services.

A 2008 Quantcast research study revealed the following demographic characteristic prevalence among RedZee-based web viewers:

- An even split between males and females
- 37 percent were 18 to 24 years of age
- 20 percent were 25 to 34 years of age

As numbers never lie, the lesson contained within the above figures is clearly evident: More than half of all RedZee end consumes consisted of those under the age of 35.

RedZee facilitates ethnically-diverse marketing efforts

Additional Quantcast findings have shown that a whopping 68 percent of RedZee site visitors are of Hispanic ethnicity. On average, African Americans comprise another 13 percent, with whites making up only 11 percent of total viewer populations.

Pictures worth thousands of words

This pervasive visual orientation is probably the best explanation for RedZee’s distinguishing characteristic. Other search engines display results lists generated in response to user inquiries in a textual format. By contrast, visual content carries the day and rules the roost for RedZee search results.

What’s the big deal?

Per official sources of the RedZee website, this revolutionary high-tech imagery innovation enables a tenfold return of relevant site listings. Rather than a maximum return of the “Top Ten” sites offered by Yahoo, Google and other text-based search engines, RedZee Search proprietary software reveals up to 100 relevant “hits” for users’ viewing pleasure.

The RedZee Search™ software makes it all possible with its display of search results within a “fanned” format of individual web page images. Users may browse search results by merely mouse-hovering over any displayed image. This permits an in-depth preview to determine which sites are worthy of further exploration.

Get in on ground floor of fantastic search innovations

At present, RedZee is touted as Cyberspace’s sole metasearch engine that features the highest-quality metsearch results, state-of-the-art features, and an interface that is ultra user-friendly. For more details about the definite advantages of this virtual marketing tool, visit or call (888-399-5534.