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Search 123: Pay Per Click Done Right

Founded in 1999, Search 123, entered the internet advertising service arena with robust enthusiasm and brought their PPC Engine online in 2000. Thus began the unending drive to improve their technology and increase their web presence by acquiring smaller internet search engines and bringing their followers into their fold. Search 123 readily admits that they are not trying to out search the massive search engines. However, they are using their small footprint to drive relevant pay per click activities to their clients, thereby making noise as a niche PPC Engine with the “oomph” to give advertisers a leg up over players who are able to buy the top spots on major search engines.

The internet advertising service provided is distinctly different from the competition because their minimum bid, 3 cents, is considerably higher than similar search engines. This higher initial bid places this PPC Engine in a class by itself and separates advertisers on budget alone. It drives higher level, more consistent keyword ad production by the advertisers, helps to ensure that publishers are producing quality content and gives users extremely relevant details. This continuous drive for quality means that each advertising using the internet advertising service provided by Search 123 receives more bang for their advertising dollar. The pay per click industry is rife with poor quality and relevance. Search 123 had worked hard to ensure their PPC Engine stands out from the crowd of search engines that fall into this category.

Pay per click, for their publishers, is important to Search 123. The staff reviews each web site of a publisher on a continuous basis to keep content fresh and relevant to keyword searches of the advertisers on each site. The PPC Engine drives users to each publisher web site based on the relevant content that is found during spider crawls of each site. This is the number one reason that the family of search engines and internet properties put together by Search 123 continues to provide off the chart results for advertisers.

While performance keeps current publishers running the Search 123 properties, it is service on a personal level and top tier technology that keep the advertisers spending their budgets here. Personal account representatives who provide free advice and planning to each advertiser has become the hallmark by which other companies are measured. They have stated their goal of being an adjunct to larger search campaigns. This allows them to focus on what they do best and let the big boys fight it out over mass advertising.

This company is very selective in choosing partners. While it certainly curtails their ability to drive massive generic traffic, it does make them a serious player when it comes to high quality, convertible traffic, which is the desire of every advertiser. The ad managers will help you to plan your campaign to take advantage of the laser reach that they have developed so that each and every click through to your site is coming from someone with an interest and not being lured to click with irrelevant content or claims. Larger search engines can produce massive traffic, but at a cost. Other search engines can produce irrelevant traffic but no one can produce consistent, converting traffic like Search 123.