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Searchfeed Pay Per Click Engine: An Oasis in the Desert of PPC

The Internet advertising service offered by Searchfeed provides marketers with the ability to garner traffic from various context based marketing placements that may be relevant to their niche. The majority of the traffic comes from handpicked search results, text links, banners and other integrated context based sources. For marketers, this means a higher, more relevant click through to their sites from much more targeted traffic and no one will ever complain about that. In most cases, these context based clicks are less expensive than clicks from other pay per click sources and search engines.

The Searchfeed PPC Engine is a deep well of excellent traffic that is often overlooked by marketers who believe it to be an inferior grade source of clicks. However, because of the lower number of advertisers and highly targeted system of driving traffic, these more competitive keywords and phrases are lower priced and provide higher conversions than more expensive words from the larger search engines such as Google and Yahoo. With more than 360 million searches per month across the various websites and portals, the Searchfeed pay per click network provides quality traffic at a lower cost making it the favored PPC engine for many savvy marketers.

It is very simple to open an account with the advertiser interface. The process is quick and simple with only minimum information required. However, the available tools allow for bulk uploading of keywords or you can use the online forms for adding single keywords and phrases one at a time. There are keyword and bid research tools available, return on investment calculators, campaign cost estimators and a change bid tool that allows you to change single, all or multiple bids at the same time. The reports section provides real time feedback about current campaigns and all of the reports contain the level of detail required to make good decisions about your marketing efforts. The company also allows for an automatic payment function so that your profitable campaigns never quit if you forget to buy additional credits. Instead of requiring a credit card, they do require an initial deposit of $25 that is applied immediately to your keyword bids starting as low as $0.01 and they have no minimum balance or forced spends. You are also allowed to have unlimited keywords and listings within the program.

Once a campaign begins, any listings or keywords go through a review process within 2 days, all terms are examined for the relevant search parameters, and a confirmation email is sent that notifies the advertiser of any rejected or irrelevant keywords. All rejected listings and keywords are given a reason for rejection so the marketer is able to better identify and focus future submissions. Searchfeed also allows for a customizable cost on a per visitor basis. It also allows you to integrate the PPC engine into the web site of the advertiser in order to produce additional income. All accounts are offered a trial period so that the interface can be tested by new advertisers.